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A Secret Revelation of SEO : First Rank

SEOThe good news is you don’t need to spend hundred of dollars to do this with the SEO tips and strategies I’m going to show you right now. This follows on from some SEO basics I covered in this blog post ===>> SEO for WordPress Anyway back to the SEO Tips Tricks and Secrets that will literally save you hundreds of dollars. (Sorry SEO companies you are really not having too much fun theses days are you?) Here they are: 1. Blogging Boosts SEO Adding a blog to a static website is great for SEO and boosting your search engine results (e.g. Search engines, especially Google, love fresh new content and blogging is great way to tell Google that your website is alive and well and should be indexed regularly. You don’t need to go mad, as two or three quality blog posts a week will be fine. But if you can blog everyday, then in the long term your search engine results will soar above your competition. 2. Join up Your Links for Good SEO A common issue for websites is that 70% of the incoming links point to and 30% of their incoming links point to Search engines will think that these are 2 completely different pages on your website, therefore the content on will only get 70% of the “link juice” it actually deserves. How can you get around that? Well you need to make a 301 Redirect from one page to the other and your problems are gone! Find your folder with index.htm, index.php or whatever your website is using. You will find a .htaccess file – if there isn’t one, simply create it with a text editor. Once you have a .htaccess file, add these lines to it: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] (the Empower Network Blogging System already has this covered) 3. Distribute your webpage URL’s across Social Media and Authority Sites I recommend using tools such as Onlywire to distribute your content across social media and authority sites. This will create quality backlinks. There are other services and tools available which will automatically distribute your articles and webpage URL’s to hundreds of article directories. I’ll let you know the best distribution services when you join Empower Network with my team! 4. Deep Linking is Good for SEO When you promote your website on forums, social media, and article directories etc make sure you don’t just promote the home page (e.g. If you have lots of links pointing to other pages on your website this tells the search engines that there is good content to be found all over your website. You can do this naturally if you create lots of blog posts and distribute the url links across social media and authority sites. On the other hand if all your inbound links point to your homepage it is a indication to search engines that your website is shallow, and doesn’t provide as much value to the visitor as it should. 5. Use Smart Anchor Text for Good SEO Make sure the Anchor Text in your web page links, actually relates to the subject of the web page. The words “Click Here” isn’t as helpful to the search engines, as linking to it with words related to your niche and the content of the page, e.g. “Diving Holidays” if you are in this business. As a general rule you should aim to use various keyword phrases in 70% of your incoming Anchor Text links, 20% should have your URL, and you can use various “click here” variations in the remaining 10%. 6. Get Some Links From .edu Sites One favorite SEO strategy from a few years ago was to get backlinks from an .edu site. It’s not that important any more as an SEO strategy, but it may be a tactic that puts you ahead of your competition. To find .edu websites use Google again by just typing in “ your keywords”, and send a message to administrators of those pages, and you could get a valuable backlink (but only if your website is high quality!). 7. SEO Tip – Optimize One Keyword Phrase per Page You could spend a lot of time optimizing your web page for two keyword phrases, and actually decrease your potential search results. It is better to create two different pages optimized for just one keyword phrase each. For example if you had a classic car website and you were SEO optimizing for “classic BMWs” and “classic Porches” you can simply create two optimized pages, one for each keyword phrase, that will be displayed on 1st page of search engine results. The page can still share cross over content, and both will get ranked. Bonus SEO Secret Tip: A Ninja Way to Get Free High-Authority Links Here is a way I recently learned about to obtain highly relevant High-PR links for free! First take a look at some quality, trusted directories (such as Yahoo, Aviva, DMOZ,, ) and find the category that is most related to your niche. If you click on the websites listed there you will see that quite a lot of them are dead. You can then use a query on Google such as “” to see who is linking to those websites. If you then inform the administrators of the websites, that they are linking to dead pages, and that they have a broken link on their website, in a lot of cases they will be happy to replace their broken link with a free link to your website! Yes, it works! You have helped their SEO and they will help yours. Patience is Required to See these SEO Tips Get Results Keep in mind that SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy and you will almost never see any positive effects right away. It makes me laugh when people think they can rank within a few days, and some actually get all excited to see their webpages rank so quickly, only to realize that they still have personalized results enabled! Doh! OR they are using keywords that very few people actually search for! Remember to turn off personalized results if you are using Firefox or you can append “&pws=0? at the end of the URL in the search bar, to get an accurate search result. Top recipe for SEO success: If you create and distribute article content everyday, you can definitely see a dramatic increase in traffic to your site within two months. Apart from SEO wizardry, the best way to get people to visit your web page is to just create content that people want to share. In other words, create content that informs, educates, and entertains. If enough people share your content your website will start to rank naturally over time. Creating good content and getting people to share it, is an art in itself, some of which you can learn through free tutorials you can sign up for at the end of this blog post. In fact please share this post with people who could benefit from the SEO strategies you have learned and will learn more in the Free Videos. Of course if you want the complete lowdown on SEO methods and creating quality marketing content that people will love, and help you sell your products and services, then you need to get the Empower Network Training Products – no questions. In fact with the 15K Formula Training you can learn the secrets of getting thousands of visitors to your website without ranking on Google at all! You can also make 100% commissions as an affiliate of these Empower Network products as well. Source:

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