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Ernesto Verdugo

About Ernesto Verdugo

Ernesto Verdugo is an Author, Entrepreneur, International Public Speaker, Consultant, Accelerated Learning Practitioner and Internet Coach. He has worked with tens of thousands of individuals from over 100 nationalities in more than 45 different countries sharing his know-how in more fields of peak performance, business development and Internet marketing. Simply, Google his name and you’ll find amongst the over 1,460,000 results, he is listed as the 237th most traveled human being in the universe.

Over the years, Ernesto has established himself as a renowned Internet Marketer and E-commerce expert. In 2008, his passion to enlighten individuals and corporations about the various myths surrounding the Internet, compelled him to educate and groom the first generation of Internet marketers in the Middle East establishing himself as the pioneer in the region and the go-to-guy for any Internet Marketing related Project, Event or Business Venture in MESA (Middle East South Asia).

Ernesto Verdugo is the co-organizer of the Unlimited Power Online and You Learn Twit Face, Internet Marketing and Social Media MEGA Conferences know around the world as the Most Exclusive Internet Marketing and Social Media Events in the World, launched initially in Dubai before spreading to the rest of the Middle East & Asia.

Through his innovative strategies, combining human psychology and using the Unlimited Power of the Internet, he has reinvented the way the events and products are marketed in the region and around the world making him a sought after expert by corporation of all sizes.

Ernesto is an advocate of creating Internet Literacy around the world and that prompted him to write the Amazingly Useful Websites book, the most complete and up-to-date FREE resources guide available on the Internet achieving over 10,000 downloads on its first year after digital publication and currently the most downloaded Internet Resources guide online (Download your free copy at

His Internet marketing Iceberg Coaching program offers the most complete and comprehensive Internet Marketing and E-Commerce curriculum in the Industry and his Total Internet Mastery Master Class has created record sales every time it has been presented.