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Business Networking Traits and Personalities

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Four people to avoid when you’re out in the wild and unruly world of business networking.

Networking can be a delightful exercise in meeting new people and expanding your circle of business contacts. For the painfully shy, it takes time – and sometimes a few drinks – to warm up to the idea of approaching strangers, while others slip into a rhythm more easily. But no matter your personality type or networking style, these are four foul creatures to avoid at all costs.

1. The Pusher

HOW TO SPOT THEM: You’re in the presence of a Pusher when a business card lands in your hand before you can utter your first name. This aggressive networker takes the shotgun approach to meeting new people and making connections: business cards are ammo and a conference room is hunting grounds. He’s shoving his contact info in your face faster than a new parent brandishing baby photos. The Pusher's only saving grace is that he departs as quickly as he pops up. HOW TO AVOID THEM: Always keep a drink in one hand and a plate of food in the other. Occupied hands can’t accept business cards, and to the Pusher, you’re nothing but a receptacle.

2. The Wandering Eye

HOW TO SPOT THEM: The Wandering Eye is not unlike a cat in his aloofness and special ability to make you feel unimportant. Seconds after an introduction, you’re old news, only tolerated as filler so that the Wandering Eye can secure his next target. Don’t mistake quiet nods for listening; although the body language sometimes says, “I’m picking up what you’re putting down,” the darting eyes say, “There must be someone more important than this idiot.” HOW TO AVOID THEM: Don’t make eye contact from across a room – that’s just a Wandering Eye seeking out the next best thing. They lure their victims with flattery (longing gazes from a distance), and then crush their egos by ignoring them.

3. The Cling-on

HOW TO SPOT THEM: Cling-ons tend to linger in your peripheral vision. You wouldn’t bring your kid brother to a business event, but if you’re adopted by a Cling-on, that’s essentially the situation at hand. The Cling-on is relatively harmless (unlike its Star Trek counterpart), but hard to shake. He communicates in hush tones and one-word answers and has a propensity for group bathroom trips, so don’t try to ditch him with the old “I have to use the washroom” trick. HOW TO AVOID THEM: Camouflaged well by smiles and occasional laughs, the Cling-on looks like the sort of person you’d like to meet. Watch carefully to see if they’re contributing to conversations – if not, flee to greener pastures.

4. The Salesman

HOW TO SPOT THEM: There's no mistaking a Salesman. Once in the crosshairs of this networker, you have no choice but to acquiesce. The more you struggle, the louder the Salesman will trumpet his latest accomplishments in an attempt to impress and ensnare you. You are now a sounding board for feats of intelligence, business aspirations and a woefully inane pitch for Dragons’ Den. Your only chance of shedding a Salesman is pawning him off a Cling-on. HOW TO AVOID THEM: The Salesman is the most pernicious breed of networker and impossible to dodge. Their inflated confidence means they’re immune to evasion tactics. And good luck finding a pause in conversation to make your escape; the Salesman has mastered the unique circular breathing techniques of didgeridoo players, speaking ad nauseam with what seems like zero breaths.

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