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Fuelling Creative Energy

Erik Wahl worked for the corporate world for ten years. He developed a raging frustration for the lack of innovative thinking within the business world.
I found a great article, Here are 6 Proven Ways to Fuel Your Creativity! There is something inside of you that needs to get out. A part of who you are that you want to share with the world. In our digital information age, this has never been easier. Photo credit: Flickr (Creative Commons) You set up an account with the blogging platform of your choice. You spend countless hours choosing and customizing a theme that fits your message. You write an informative and attractive “about” page. You write three gut-wrenching posts in which you pour out your soul, and it all seems so easy. Then you sit down to write more and nothing happens. Your mind is blank. Your fingers motionless. The words missing, and your creative energy gone. Now what? One of the most challenging aspects to maintaining a blog (or any creative writing endeavor) is coming up with content on a regular basis. Fueling Your Creative Energy Here are six ways you can keep your creative gas tank full and continually develop ideas. 1. Read. Nothing helps me write more than reading. The most consistent way my brain is stimulated for new ideas and content is by pouring over the pages of what others have penned. If something you read motivates you, write about it. If you disagree with something someone else blogs about, explain your side of the story. Read, and then take the next step. 2. Observe. Life happens. Everyday. It seems obvious, but we walk around most days oblivious. Take a moment and just watch. I bet you see something that you could write about, that your audience would love to hear. One of my most popular posts came from noticing a partially-eaten donut in the lounge at work. Somehow, I made a connection to it, and my readers loved it. 3. Listen. Share your ideas with those around you and then listen. You can learn all sorts of new information from people you come across everyday. Just ask questions (maybe even dumb ones). Then be quiet and listen. 4. Write. Often, my published blog posts look nothing like the idea that I started with. As I do the work, new ideas come into my head. After putting several of these new ideas together, my final blog post is born. Just like in Field of Dreams, write it and they (the ideas) will come. 5. Live. Participating in life can be an excellent fuel for creative thought. Do something that you have never done before. Travel to a new place. Make new friends. Eat something disgusting. Then write about it. 6. Expose. When you open up the inner most parts of you, ideas will grow. If you hide behind closed curtains, fearful of what others will think, then you might as well stop now. The more you expose yourself, the more expressive and bolder you will become. If you share your heart, your audience will love you for it.

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