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Email Marketing – Is Blogging Full Of Crap or Should We Use Email Marketing Instead?

What crap am I referring to? Things like posting every single day, going to all the social networking sites, plus writing dozens of outside posts for guest blogging only to see a trickle of visitors. You see it has been a little over six years since I have been on this make money online mission and the avenue I’ve found most worthy of pursuing is building email databases of potential customers across diverse niches. Better known as email marketing or list building.

But it doesn’t end with just building a list. In fact, that is only part of the beginning…

Help a Blogger with email marketingThe main part is hidden within the email messages you will sending out to them. Although you may have bribed enticed them enough to subscribe you then have to keep them there and get then to take action on your recommendations thereby earning you some money. And aside from politically correct statements of altruism if you’re not in this to make any type of money then perhaps this post isn’t for you.

However if you do intend on generating some income online then you’re going to have to learn the correct language of email marketing…

And to be honest there is no one particular languaging style to write those emails because it depends primarily on the niche along with the type of trigger words and adjective phrases mostly used by that particular niche segment. The best ways of figuring this out is to poke around the forums, specialized Facebook pages, and other web 2.0 properties of the niche and pay close attention to the way its members speak and interact with each other. Then you implement those same phrases and stylings when writing your emails. This in and of itself builds rapport because regardless of what you may have been taught in physical science, in social science LIKE attracts LIKE ;) * Do this over and over and there will be no ending!

So you’re talking about some of the intricacies of email marketing BUT what does that have to do with giving basic blog tips?!

Well your blog is the point of entry for two very important things about email marketing and list building. First, blogs generally receive traffic faster due to its search engine friendly structure so once you put an optin form in a prominent position on your blog a percentage of whatever traffic you are already receiving will subscribe. Secondly, your visitors -especially your frequent visitors- have come to trust you because you have already built a rapport with them via their favorite blog posts on your site.

But I thought “blogging was full of crap”?!

Well if you already got one then you may as well use it to build a qualified email list. Your blog has primed and trained your visitors to listen to you and subscribe for further instructions :) As your email marketing efforts improve and your list grows along with your timely rapport building messages being sent to them, you will in essence be building your own traffic base that will not be dependent on Google, keyword research, or social marketing. And of course it does take time to build all this up, but it is time well spent because once you have a few thousand+ responsive subscribers then whenever you need traffic all you have to do is send an email. Learn more about Email Marketing.

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