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Email Marketing Mistakes

If you have ever panicked over an email marketing campaign error (or still have nightmares over the error you made last year), this post is for you and should provide some much needed relief. Here are some real-life email campaign errors: (Please note some facts have been slightly distorted to protect the identity of the companies.) An email was sent to a company's full subscriber base (>50k customers) with the subject line as "tbc" An email that was not supposed to be broadcast at all was sent to over two million subscribers An English audience was sent an email written entirely in Spanish (And come on, didn't you all secretly smirk at the New York Times email fiasco? No? Not even at Google's oops moment? Well, we did, and we are not ashamed.) So, you made a mistake, but who hasn't; so now what do you do? You can either (a) send an apology email as soon as possible, (b) send an apology email and follow that up with a "make-up gift" of some sort, or (c) do nothing. But how do you decide what the right step is? Ask yourself this easy question first to define the implications behind the email: Does the email error you made mean that your customer is going to buy the wrong product, is going to do something that you don't want them to do, or is going to do something at the wrong time? If yes to any of these three, then you should send an apology email. If not, it is okay to stay quiet, or even just clarify your error on your company blog, Twitter or Facebook. Here are a few examples of email campaign mistakes that needed instant action: Sears sent out an email with a wrong price on one of their products. They took responsibility and quickly followed up with an email correcting the error and apologizing for it. Virgin Media sent out an email to its 30mpbs broadband customers, informing them that their broadband speed would boost to 120mpbs. But that email was only meant for customers on the 100mbps package. The company followed up with an apology email almost immediately. In the examples mentioned above, the situation was under control in 2 - 10 days. So, whatever mistake you've made, it can be fixed and should be addressed in a timely manner. To an extent, at least. Don't let a mistake affect your future email marketing campaigns and never underestimate your customers' willingness to forgive. And hey, let's not forget every mistake only makes your QA process tighter.
ave you ever made any email campaign mistakes? If so, how did you go about remedying the situation afterwards? Learn More about Email Marketing...

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