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Entrepreneurs can change the world – Grasshopper

I found a great video called Entrepreneurs can change the world - Grasshopper. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
A motivational video about Entrepreneurs can change the world. Hope you enjoyed it. Ernesto

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24 Responses

  1. Wierdassvideos

    it’s not like they’re invasively taking the raw materials.. They settle on an agreement with these people in Congo. The people in these poor countries are being given just enough financial benefit to at least feed their families. If anything, what you’re talking about is a GOOD thing. If you were in a dirt poor country, would you rather work and sell your resources for enough money to survive, or would you sit around and let your family and yourself die? The choice is pretty? obvious

  2. asefae1

    actually because of globalization all those people did do bad things those, raw materials and resources used to make the products they sell are taken from places like the Congo where the human resources and materials are taken from people who see next to no financial benefit. Those ppl may have not done anything bad in America (which i still? doubt) but there is no way you make that much money without engaging in unethical business practices.

  3. MarkuiTTOO

    I saw this video yesterday.. and it’s? very very inspirational music and the message we take from this video? is awesome (: thanks for sharing this video :d it really means something to me (:
    Greeting from peru UNMSM (:

  4. 2008begr8

    …please re-read what you’ve typed here….for the sake of your wife and your children….you are entitled to? your opinion….I’d be scared if we had a whole future generation that embraced your thinking…..and check your quote….what you do and how you think about money may be the source of all evil….

  5. ScarletVCommunity

    very inspirational!
    ~Scarlet Venture? Community

  6. MasterZuheir

    thanks? bro from malaysia

  7. Wierdassvideos

    Bill Gates didn’t do "bad things" Micheal Dell didn’t do "bad things" Steve Jobs didn’t do "Bad things." Sure, its easier to make millions when you cash in on the corrupt path, but if you genuinely work hard, with a little bit of? luck, you don’t need to stray towards evil to make millions

  8. mmetalingus

    Its simple you cannot own millions of dollars without? doing "bad things"

  9. Wierdassvideos

    Your life will turn into a nightmare if you let it turn into a nightmare. As? long as you don’t let money own you, and you own the money instead, you can use it to turn the world into a better place. Tell me, what’s so evil about having hundreds of millions of dollars, and then using it to feed dying children in third world countries, knowing that you’re saving thousands of lives and putting smiles on children’s faces?

  10. MsJones303

    You OBVIOUSLY need a team…thats why entrepreneurship? is about leadership…but it all starts with one person.

  11. 7DegreesOrg

    Entrepreneurship is far more than wealth. Its about the freedom it brings as your creativity lights up? and becomes material in the business idea you began with. Those ideas grow into lasting business and it can be yours! Entrepreneurs should stick together, support one another, and mentor others to build their dreams. Its still a wide open field, where are you playing in it?

  12. joebob11112

    i dont care what anybody says that song is? awsome

  13. RGRILES33

    As an environmental engineer from Cal Poly SLO, and an entrepreneur – I greatly appreciate this video and the message. For the up and coming entrepreneur, I recommend one or both of the books written together by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. I’ve posted one segment of my review of the latest book, "Midas Touch".? Thanks for this great, to-the-point, video!

  14. akashp5

    Its not about the money. Its about Remembering the name! Steve jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Thomas Edison? etc. We think of this people every time we see a computer or switch a light on. Its about doing it better, leaving a footprint or setting a standard.

  15. Edwardo83

    Such sacharinne crap. One person can’t change anything. A group of them yes.?

  16. NeRdWxA

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  17. nigerianniceguy

    the LOVE of money is the? root of all evil

  18. SpudzZap

    "The LOVE? of money is the root of all evil"

  19. Jakey Lau

    Money is not the main thing that drives entrepreneurs. There’s something different between an entrepreneur and a businessman. A businessman’s only goal is to make money, while an entrepreneur is there to make? the world a better place.

    Being an entrepreneur does not make you a evil person 🙂

  20. sarge3121

    I don’t know anything about the content about this video but just wanted to how did you made the video. I mean all the transaction things and all.?

  21. mmetalingus

    I prefer living as an anonymous person,a wife children,a small house and a car than becoming? a business man and having a lot of money . because what ever your attentions are bad or good ,now or late your life will turn into a nightmare.
    Remember:"Money is the source of all evil"

  22. HSMdutchFan

    That might be so, but you don’t have to feel bad about having so much? money if you actually deserved it.

  23. joseriverago

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  24. Rapidparts

    awesome clip i can help too !! text me;)?

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