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Entrepreneurship Business Reality TV- Episode 1 – Angel’s Gate

Do you want to know more about Entrepreneurship? Are you an Entrepreneur? The debut episode of Angels Gate, exclusive on YouTube. A confident entrepreneur believes he has the ultimate biomedical invention that will change the lives of mankind forever; a social network of a different kind; a social entrepreneur with a sweet business idea; and a music business that just might strike the right chord with the Judges. CapitaLand Hope Foundation will donate S$1.00 to selected childrens charities for every "like" on all projects on Help us reach our target of 100000 "likes" for charity! Tune in Mondays, 8PM (SG Channel NewsAsia to catch more entrepreneurs in action, and subscribe to our channel for exclusive content not seen on TV. Visit to submit your very own business idea for a chance to appear in future episodes.

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24 Responses

  1. Sunstance6

    I’ve watched alot of entrepreneurs sell their ideas away and give up too much equity accepting insulting offers just to get a deal (the dudes on Shark Tank are notorious). And I just dont get it. VCs and Angels come a dime dozen. I understand being anxious to get a deal. But there’s something to be said about holding? out for the right deal.

  2. businesscreditsource

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  3. titanlyy

    That’s like saying all cooking shows should be sued on copyright grounds because the entire concept is? the same as (insert first ever tv cooking show).

  4. jingkaircy

    This show should be sued on copyright grounds because the entire concept is the? same as Dragons’ Den. rofl.

  5. MajorYT

    Why so trivial? That? micro needle could have been a great discovery, there are many people with fear of needles, and as he claims, it reduces pain. So because of money, a potentially good innovation was rejected…

  6. darrendelong

    wow…how rude is that..? he just walk? off? Basic courtesy hello?

  7. j0j0w0

    so? excited:D

  8. blomqvist15

    Gate Keepers would’ve? been a better name for this show.

  9. corbraz

    OMG! that? guy with his suit collar up! Put it back down! your a businessman! not a fashionista!!!!

  10. kothija

    Duh.. kinda rude to walk out! Should have said, thank you? but not thanks or something more professional and polite

  11. kothija

    If its a Rip Off of the various other? programmes, why arent those people suing Mediacorp for copying the concept/s?

  12. bjay1502

    Though it is clearly a rip off of Dragons Den and Shark Tank… It is still quite good, and Asia? DO need this in order to boost small business companies. But I find the "angels" are way too soft.

  13. leo2662

    Please these so call Angels " need to GOOGLE" on? site?? What a freaking joke!!

  14. raymondu99

    This is an absolute copy of Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank. The name is like this? only probably to avoid licensing fees.

  15. yjkoay

    its interesting.. but pace? is too sloww…

  16. terry81

    dunno why they called it? Angel Gate…so cheesy

  17. jeffreypaine

    a little? slow, production quality can improve for sure…

  18. ishanagrawal90

    It should be called VC Gate.. Angels? are not so greedy!

  19. Zephyic

    they should change the name to maybe Lion’s Cave or something.. angel’s gate is so lame and inappropriate.. we all know that investors are suppose to be the devil.. as they only care about profitability.. lol
    better off? watching shark tank season 3 on hulu =.=

  20. yanadi

    presentation? is too stiff and boring.

  21. jingkaircy

    This is a COMPLETE rip off from Dragon’s Den. Same concept. what a joke.?

  22. assqwert

    lol. half a million? and u are asking for human trial??

  23. blackrabbit2999

    they don’t need to negotiate because the agreement here is non-binding, they can negotiate further when they are off the? show

  24. whizkid7

    the guys didnt even? negotiate. i dont know, how are they going to run a business.

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