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Entrepreneurship Business Reality TV- Episode 2 – Angel’s Gate

Find out more about Entrepreneurship? Tune in to Entrepreneur Reality TV. Episode 2 of Angels Gate, exclusive on YouTube. A fun business idea that might make the Judges bust a move or two; a mobile app that could change the way we type; and an eco-friendly business with potential. Episode 2 of Angels Gate, available online exclusively on YouTube. CapitaLand Hope Foundation will donate S$1.00 to selected childrens charities for every "like" on all projects on Help us reach our target of 100000 "likes" for charity! Tune in Mondays, 8PM (SG Channel NewsAsia to catch more entrepreneurs in action, and subscribe to our channel for exclusive content not seen on TV. Visit to submit your very own business idea for a chance to appear in future episodes.

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18 Responses

  1. d2clansorc

    its called a? blackberry

  2. giriisindahouse

    This is not Angel’s Gate, its Devil’s Gate. You’re better? off asking other investors because these guys can influence you in giving them a bigger portion of your business.

  3. JackLin84

    either leverage, or? license?

  4. danoprey1

    Seriously? Singapore’s one of the? most start-up friendly countries in the world.

  5. EclipseCries

    I don’t really understand the keyboard idea. How is the Qwerty? keyboard messed up? It was arranged in that matter to make typing easier on typewriters, as the more frequent characters will jam up if they’re too close to each other, and the whole Qwerty idea just followed on through the generations. It could work out after a while, but it’ll really take time for people to get used to it. Just my two cents. I’m only fifteen so don’t flame me for getting anything wrong.

  6. dwichiesa

    of course need to pay
    otherwise? kena sue up side left right by them

  7. MegaTwangster

    The qwerty alternative idea sounds dynamic, but it is an uphill? task… would people actually want to change the way they type now? and changing behaviour especially for something so fundamental is super difficult.. and paying to change the behaviour?

  8. smellyfry

    Its quite funny that investors want to scale their business in singapore, a very small market.
    The cost of setting up business in? singapore is also very high.
    Not conducive place to start a business.

  9. smellyfry

    Has Mediaclop paid royalty to foreign media companies that? has shows very similar to this ?
    Need to pay or not?
    Or is this a singapore original?

  10. smellyfry

    The Qwerty-alternative idea and product is not impressive because any programmer can write a similar program giving similar functions. And for a keyboard, it would not take much time.

    Would the smart investors bite?

    Let me? continue watching….

  11. baabuzz

    actually Alvin – there’s about 5 billion people who’ve yet to encounter QWERTY. So let’s just say it’s not ‘everyone’. And QWERTY drops to about? 10wpm on a touchscreen.

    One could have made the same ‘everyone is used to QWERTY’ argument against the T9 alphanumeric keypad on mobile phones. And yet texting on this system is what triggered the mobile revolution. If anything, the QWERTY system, because it takes so long to master, has probably retarded growth in the PC/laptop industry.

  12. alvinbft

    why do you need a new keyboard when everyone? is used to the qwerty one typing at 60-80wpm

  13. Lovenus

    I think? the magic word is "leverage".

  14. Will8992

    I totally agree with you. I think we in Singapore sometimes are far too risk averse and are so? afraid of breaking any law that we hamper innovation. And, yes, this is why a company like YouTube would never emerge from Singapore…. yet….

  15. edawiz

    virtual dance thingy: piracy is not an issue. the user cud as well sing a song and make? the avatar dance. its like saying, youtube shud be banned for being capable of uploading pirated videos. The angels doesnt seem to very wise.

  16. PapedomSey

    yes. they really? need to rename this.

  17. PapedomSey

    yes. they really need to rename this.?

  18. terry81

    rename this show as? ‘the 4 wise men’

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