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Facebook Marketing Strategies For Small Business With Jen Sheahan

I found a great video called Facebook Marketing Strategies For Small Business With Jen Sheahan. It's a great video and it has some great facebook marketing tips and strategies and I hope you enjoy it.
Facebook marketing is all the rage right now and its easy to understand why - it offers some amazing advertising opportunities for small business... if you know what youre doing. While at a recent marketing event I asked a few of my internet marketing friends to share their best strategies for small and medium sized businesses. I wanted to know what are some quick and easy techniques you can apply to get some quick wins. In this video youll hear what Jen Sheahan, a good friend and Facebook Marketing Expert, had to say. Hope you liked it, Ernesto

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  2. SandyMc52

    Great advice about pausing the ad till after it is approved? and for the length and cost of a FB campaign. Thank you

  3. sydneytint

    great? vid David, again !!

  4. jamestolveonline


  5. popsmcgee1

    "yeahh" lol
    great video!?

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