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Facebook Poke and Snapchat are Similar to each other?

Hi Guys! ever wonder about the Facebook Poke and Snapchat and quite confuse on the two apps which are similar to each other how to use it and how does it work. In this article you will learn about Facebook poke how this Facebook app work and what does it do on Facebook. Check it out!  

Facebook recently released another free app, called Facebook Poke, which allows you to send fleeting messages, pokes, photos and 10-second videos to Facebook friends. The messages expire after a set period of time, from 1 to 10 seconds, and cannot be retrieved by either party again. “With the Poke app, you can poke or send a message, photo, or video to Facebook friends to share what you’re up to in a lightweight way,” says Facebook in a blog post announcing the new app.

Twitter-style messages

You can choose from a set of icons at the bottom of the screen to send a poke, but you can only type a 120-character message (similar to Twitter’s own 140 character limit). You then open the camera to snap a picture (you cannot choose an existing photo from your camera roll, but you can add fun doodles or text on top of the picture you do take), or shoot a 10-second video. You can choose how long other person can see your message or photo (1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds), add a location if you like, then choose one or more of your Facebook friends from the list and hit send. When you receive a “Poke” you tap and hold until the little countdown clock in the corner runs down, and the message is “gone” forever. You can see a list of who send you messages, but not view them again. According to Heather Kelly of CNN: “The app Poke shamelessly imitates is Snapchat, a photo and video-sharing service that has surged in popularity over the past year year. It’s no mystery why Facebook is jumping on the temporary message bandwagon. Snapchat says it has millions of users who send around 50 million messages a day. It is also popular with the highly valuable younger age group, though it doesn’t currently have ads or any other way of making money off of its service. The Facebook Poke app is also ad-free for the time being.”

Privacy Concerns

The messages are meant to be gone forever, but what if you take a screenshot? Both Poke and Snapchat warn the sender when the recipient has grabbed a screenshot of their message. “If you ever see something you’re uncomfortable with, you can click the gear menu and report it,” says the company in the post. In the app’s help center there are instructions for what to do when someone takes a screenshot against your will. That section helpfully links to a post on what to do when an adult is making you uncomfortable, and another on what to do when someone requests nude photos.   Source:

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