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Fun Stuff: 7 Things to do on the internet when you’re bored

internet-browsingThe internet can be a pretty overwhelming place. Sometimes you need to take time out and remind yourself it's not all serious. 1. Googlewhacking The original procrastinator's nightmare, now made even more difficult by scallywags posting word lists everywhere. The idea is to type two words into Google that will produce from its store of billions of pages of indexed information, just one result. The words you type in must be in Google's own dictionary. If you've never come across Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure then I suggest you investigate that as it's a lot less frustrating than the game itself. 2. Search for long lost friends Who knows what could happen? A more dangerous variant is "search for long lost lovers"... 3. Find out whether you're hot or not Sometimes, when I am bored I used to eat my fingers way back child days, but now that Internet/Web is getting the demand of all, I chose to categorized these funny stuffs where you can also do the same. Have fun! It's a simple concept - you upload a photo, people give you a score out of ten and you discover whether you're hot or indeed, not. I'm sure you're very hot. Or you can just vote on other people instead. 4. Laugh at dead people Darwin's theory of evolution, though complex, boils down to the idea that organisms can only survive to reproduce if they're well adapted to their environment. This site tells us all about those who have died in very stupid ways and thereby prevented their stupidity genes being passed on to the next generation. 5. Start a blog Who's the most important person in the world? You are! Let everyone else know your thoughts by starting a blog. Try these - Blogger ; WordPress ; MySpace. 6. Take a journey through the random There's a site called StumbleUpon that acts as a kind of randomizer. You press a button and it gives you a site that other people have recommended. It's a wonderful way to bump into something you never knew you wanted. 7. Download a new browser Find out why Firefox is used by up to 40% of internet users - infinitely configurable with user-developed add-ons, fast, responsive and more secure. Another great offering is the best thing to come out of Norway since A-ha - Opera. Google's own Chrome has many fans too. More you can add. :) Source:

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