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Greg Plitt Quotivation I

Compilation of Greg Plitts motivational words. All footage taken from Gregs workout video previews. MP3 Download: M83 - Midnight City Greg Plitt Quotivation II: Greg Plitt Quotivation III: Greg Plitt Quotivation IV:


23 Responses

  1. IBPsychExperiment

    while i appreciate his dedication, his quotes do get on my nerves. he treats his bodybuilding like it’s some type of philosophical heroism, as though? he’s contributing something to the world. there’s nothing wrong with being proud of one’s accomplishments, but in this case, he needs to practice a little humility and modesty.

  2. MuttDogMendoza

    hahaha my brother always asks that – "How many do I? have to do?" STFU and lift cunt

  3. MuttDogMendoza

    The call of the steroid user….
    They may not be magic, but they make? building muscle a hell of a lot easier


    WWGD…? What would Greg do?

  5. MrMainevant

    If someone dislikes this? video is fucked up/
    Nothin more to say…

  6. Fatty264

    Motivation at it? peak!

  7. bymyside007

    go to
    Hope it works :)?

  8. StephenKingz

    he took steroids fool…?

  9. fmxfreak177

    I followed through with losing weight.. 89 pounds gone.? 16 years old. now building muscle, this will be fun !

  10. sheko55

    can any1 knows how can i get this vid? in mp3 ?

  11. greg672

    who else grabbed there? nuts?

  12. jSVioLeNT

    24 Fat lazy motherfuckers disliked this video.?

  13. Boxer3167


  14. KevinKillaKam

    5:22,? LMAO!

  15. ethanmg1

    6:42 A? SHIRT?!

  16. utopiakappa

    1:19 – 1:27 LMFAO!! That’s? the mentality you gotta have in the gym.

  17. TheNo1Prebo

    this guy is the man i would love to be.GRAB YOUR FUCKING? NUTS AND BE IT.

  18. bymyside007

    Grab? your fucking nuts!

  19. KevinKillaKam

    Hey buddy if you’re done screaming into the camera and acting like a f***ing? lunatic, can I have a go on the peck deck? LOL. Did you see him screaming at the traffic near the end, lol.

  20. MrMadtony45

    song is "midnight? city" by m83

  21. ivanovicl

    Does anyone know what the song in? the background is?!?!?! Please someone answer!

  22. wowdude727


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