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How to Be an Entrepreneur

Wondering how to be an entrepreneur? Michael Gerbers "The E-Myth"; uncovered just what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to start a business if it turns out youre not one. Now were breaking it down for you Epipheo-style! You are amazing at your job. And so one day you had an epiphany: Why am I working for some dude who I dont even like that much when I could start my own business? Congratulations--youre ready to be an entrepreneur! Hold it right there muchacho--starting a business doesnt actually make you an entrepreneur. And like many so-called entrepreneurs, youll soon find yourself working 15-hour days. Youll be hiring the wrong people and getting frustrated trying to manage them. And you wont know how to fix the systems that make a great business grow. Suddenly youll realize you didnt create a business--you just created yourself a new job, and this new job kinda sucks. Are you an entrepreneur, technician or manager? Let us know in the comments! Find out more about Epipheo here: Check out the great E-Myth resources here: Watch our HOW TO GET RICH video here: SUBSCRIBE to all of our awesome videos:

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23 Responses

  1. EMythWorldwide

    This video is very well? done. However, we would challenge people to think differently about the Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur. Visit and check out our blog post "How to Be an Entrepreneur."

  2. EMythWorldwide

    Agreed. There is a difference between being an entrepreneur and what? we call the Entrepreneurial personality. This wasn’t reflected in the video. An entrepreneur is someone who? starts a company or other profitable venture – regardless of how it’s executed. The Entrepreneurial personality describes a way of thinking about your business so you can grow it to its fullest potential.

  3. almouloudi

    Should I be a Technicien and Manager? before I become Entrepreneur or I should only be an Entrepreneur directly .

  4. momookim

    sure but people aren’t in any way restricted or limited by these natural tendencies; they can choose to? be technician or a manager or entrepreneur. whatever they like (it’s a very subtle disagreement i had with the video)

  5. japster1113

    that’s like saying the world may? or may not end tomorrow. having partners could ruin your chances. having no partners could also ruin your chances. it really depends on each person. its like a 50/50 thing

  6. japster1113

    hahaha you’re right. i thought there was some new? tips. all it did was made me think if i really was an entrepreneur

  7. japster1113

    they’re the ones who take the risk and set up businesses so that other people? can have jobs

  8. epipheo

    Make cool YouTube? videos! haha Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll put that on the list for future ideas.

  9. epipheo

    haha not quite. Entrepreneurs figure out how to make the jobs that employ other people. Then they have the flexibility to do nothing because they did so much? work up front.

  10. epipheo

    Cool! Sounds like an interesting combo. I think we? all have some overlap into some of the others.

  11. epipheo

    lol Are you? the technician?

  12. epipheo

    Hmm… do you accept that some people sometimes naturally lean more towards? one role than another?

  13. epipheo

    Aww man, that duck is a jerk.? You should totally listen to him. 😉

  14. epipheo

    haha nice! So which one? were you when watching this video?

  15. epipheo

    Yeah, it depends on the people you partner with. Make sure they’re solid people who all trust each other and who compliment each other’s strengths? and weaknesses.

  16. epipheo

    haha Now? go forth and impress all your friends! 😉

  17. epipheo

    Aww,? thanks!

  18. epipheo

    Yeah, the dreamers create really cool stuff, but all us dreamers need grounded people who really help us pull it off and make it a success.? Otherwise, many of us would just dream all day.

  19. epipheo

    Or? just do what you’re good at and surround yourself with people who are good and what you’re not good at.

  20. epipheo

    Hmm, that’s interesting. What do you mean by that,? Tony?

  21. epipheo

    And now you know it.? You’re welcome! haha

  22. epipheo

    Woo hoo! Contrats? on being 8th! 🙂

  23. epipheo

    Great! We love people who view our videos! haha?

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