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How To Build a Social Media Campaign

Here we have an interesting topic about social media campaign, how to build a social media campaign and thing to consider before kick starting your social media campaign. Before we head off to kick start the campaign, educating with the importance of social media campaign is recommended. This simple illustration would help you understand why social media campaigns are invincible for online promotions. Today, we have million of businesses surviving online competing against each other; but, do you think all emerge as winners or become top brands within a stipulated time? Not all but a few! Every company is not a Ford, Coca-Cola, or Fiat to achieve this rare feat! However, what makes these brands emerge as winners amidst millions? What method they adopt to while promoting their strategies? I know these are the two big questions that most people end up with in circumstances like this. The answer for the above question is simple. All the above-said companies have got the knack of implementing powerful social media campaigns that are effective and purposeful for the growth of their business!

?How Coca-Cola’s “Coke Zero” and Fiat’s “Super Bowl ad” helped garnering social media reputation?

coke zero social media campaign image Well, we mentioned about the tremendous growth of popular brands like Coca-Cola and Fiat that implemented successful marketing campaign in social media sites. But how many of you know how long they planned for coming up with such impressive marketing campaigns? Reports and stats declare that it took more than 6 months for Coca-Cola to come up with a brilliant marketing strategy that turned out to be a huge success. On the other hand, it took just less than 5 weeks for Fiat to come up with a winning marketing strategy that impressed millions of people in a short period of time. What do you infer from the above-discussed success formulas of both companies? Social campaigns aren’t limited to any particular protocols or time frame but it varies from one company to other depending on the requirements and expectations of the company involved in the campaign.

What these brands did while strategizing their plans?

They didn’t do anything different as most of us expect! They had a great grasp over what their business all about and what is needed to come up with winning online campaign. In fact, they tried different marketing strategies with the help their marketing teams, which came up with more than 100 strategies, and picked the best fit suiting their business needs. Of course, it takes long-time or short-time planning depending upon their needs and these top brands has exactly shown us this effectively.

Sticking to your goals:

Most of the top brands stuck to their business goals which enabled them to come out with campaigns that were unique and beneficial. Targeting the business goals is one thing most successful business like Fiat, Ford, etc. do for making their social media campaign highly rewarding. In fact, these companies take their time to analyze the client movements, their likes, expectations to provide them with the exact measures. Without satisfying audience expectations, chances of launching a winning shopping media campaign are very slim.
stay focused image

?Staying focused:

Here, I didn’t mean staying focused on customer movements but how to organize and launch your social media campaign. Successful social media campaigns are those that are directly addressing the audience needs or pain, or complaints, etc. Direct the visitors with some powerful content rather alluring them with something for creating back links. Come up with top-notch content addressing the clients’ issues directly to make your campaign successful as did the successful top brands.

Staying patient:

Well, most of us have the tendency to turn down the campaign if it didn’t take off the way expected. But, when top brands just carry on with the campaigns and wait patiently until the strategy works for them. But, they measure the progress of the marketing strategy and response they get on. For instance, if the process just gets off to a flier they will maximize it with doubling the ads. Looks interesting, right? So, stay patient until the campaign you have launched kicks off in a grand fashion.

Picking suitable social platform for campaign:

If you could see that popular brands are doing to promote their business needs, you could end up with one thing! They don’t just pour money on launching online campaigns on all the social media platforms. They know what exactly suits them and moves on with that. For instance, Facebook is a powerful medium for sharing opinions and Twitter could be great for sharing breaking news. Working out campaigns on the wrong platforms could minimize the profit and sales. So, stick to a best social platform that works great for your business. trust image

Building trust with customers:

One thing most successful companies never forget to do after launching social campaigns is they never fail to listen to customer complaints. Most top brands often offer solutions to the customers via the social media sites which in turn promote the business to a great extent. Not only they achieve profit but also help customers develop trust on their companies. By building reputation and trust, any company can expand customer base and end up with outstanding profits. All the strategies that I have discussed in this article are tested and tried methods of most successful brands that have garnered wide reception and reputation from numerous clients via social media campaigns. I hope most of you would have developed some ideas and tricks from this article for launching your social media campaigns. So, don’t wait any longer and just kick start your online campaign today!

4 Important Points to Consider Before Kicking Off a Social Campaign

Social media can be a very fun form of marketing when all goes well. As social marketers, we get to connect and interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day. However, there are instances where things backfire and a situation can get extremely stressful. It’s a lot like quicksand. No matter how hard you fight or what you try, you just keep sinking. This sinking can be avoided with proper planning and preparation. Here are four questions that you need to ask yourself before doing anything on a social channel. social media marketing campaign 1) What are my expectations? Setting expectations is one of the most important things you can do when planning a social campaign. Without stating what you think might happen, there is no way to know if your way of thinking is on target. This question can provide a great learning experience that will benefit you throughout your career. We have all gotten super excited about a plan or campaign, only to watch it receive little to no buzz. Setting expectations can help you calibrate your efforts and develop realistic goals for your overall social strategy. 2) Would I share this? If you wouldn’t share a piece of content, why would anyone else? One of the major mistakes we see is that content creators fail to put themselves in the role of the fan/follower. After all, that’s who we are creating content for, right? Keep their interests and needs in mind, and your efforts will be rewarded with engagement. You might find yourself constantly having to alter content, but it will be worth it when you see that it rack up likes, shares and comments. 3) What if it goes viral? If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked how they can make content go viral, I would have a lot of nickels. Everyone wants to achieve the pinnacle of social media by having their content, sale, or campaign go viral. Very few things actually do go viral, but what if it does? Can you handle the amount of customer engagements coming? Is your team prepared to handle possible customer service issues that might arise from increased business volume? Can your company financially handle giving 50% off to potentially thousands of people? I have seen all of these scenarios play out and for those who are not ready, going viral can be a bad thing. Always prepare for the best case and worst case scenarios. 4) How am I tracking this effort? Was your campaign a success? How do you know? Setting appropriate KPIs is vital to any social campaign. Data paralysis is very real and can stop your creative juices from flowing. Before you kick off your campaign, decide on what factors will be your performance indicators. Do you want more fans? How about more website traffic? It is very import to decide exactly how you want to measure your efforts. At the end of the day, none of us can justify our efforts if we don’t have appropriate tracking metrics in place. What are some of the questions you ask yourself when planning a social campaign?

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