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How to Keep them Coming Back for More?

Do you want that your costumer would come back for more? you should try re-marketing it will help your market to grow and earn big sales with your loyal costumers. so here are strategies to re-marketing your brand so that your costumers will come back for more. Try this!  

  Homepage – if the customer has only made it to your homepage but bounced off before learning anything specific about your brand or converted in any way, you should consider this person in the awareness stage of the purchase funnel. This is a great opportunity to build your business name in the mind of someone who is already looking for something you can readily provide. The next time they see your ad while they are searching through another website, they will be more likely to follow through because they know you have what they need. Serve them an ad with just your logo and your name to build brand awareness. Inner Pages – if your customer made it past your homepage, and have traveled through one or two inner pages searching for more information, they are within the interest stage of the purchase funnel. You can customize this remarketing campaign to show specific products to customers depending on what page they landed on. Build a remarketing campaign with ads specific to each product page (if you only provide a few) or one ad per category (if you provide hundreds of different products). This reminds your potential customer that you have all sorts of products, but also the exact product they were looking for, and at a great price too! Specific Pages – If you provide a specialized product or service, and your average potential customer has a really low bounce rate from those specific pages, you should consider those customers to be in the evaluation stage of the purchase funnel. They know the product they want, they know how much they are willing to spend on it, and they are looking for the perfect company to provide it to them. If you think that you are the perfect company for them, respond to these searches with ads that answer a question. Show them you are the company they should convert with by showing ads that toot your own business horn. Show awards you have won, brag about warranties on your products. Anything that shows your customer that you are hands-down a better choice than your competitors will  help you convert at this particular juncture of the funnel. Shopping Cart/Form Page – If your customer made it as far as your shopping cart or form pages but abandoned these pages to take off to parts unknown, they have done most of the work for you and are within the decision phase of the purchase funnel. If you don’t know where to track these things, visit your Google Analytics account and check out your Funnels page. These potential customers need to be reminded why they almost chose you to begin with.  Show them ads with promotions that can be applied to the product they almost purchased. This could be the very thing that tips them over the edge from an almost to a full-on conversion. Purchase – Customers who have already made a purchase on your website are all the way through the purchase funnel, but should never be neglected. They already know the benefits of shopping with your company, and if you are doing your job, they are happy and have no problem working with you again. Now is an excellent time to show them ads with similar products that they may also enjoy in addition to what they have recently purchased. If they bought bindings for a snowboard, show them ads for boarding goggles, beanies, gloves, or great discounts on lift tickets if you provide these products. Don’t worry about bugging people who have already converted. They may thank you for offering them solutions to problems they didn’t know they had by converting on your site again and again. A Few Tips – if you are worried about customers finding your ads annoying, set a cap on the number of impressions, or number of times your ad is shown. This will limit exposure so customers do not feel harassed by your company, and also has the great side benefit of controlling some of your advertising costs. Customers may see your ad and click on it a few times before they convert, and those clicks can really add up. Constantly rotate the creative in your ads and have multiple variations of your ad active at the same time. This helps to keep your marketing fresh in the eyes of your customer and also allows you to split test wording, coloring, and many other ad variations to figure out what message is working best towards your bottom line. Source:

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