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Instagram is For Brand Lovers

Instagram is the tenth largest mobile app reaching one out of four smartphone owners, both iOS and Android, in the US according to comScore. Instagram has 150 million monthly active users who share 55 million photos per day! Instagram Here are 5 Instagram marketing tips to help you gain better brand awareness. 1. Over 70% of top brands are active on Instagram according to Simply Measured research of Interbrand 2013 Top 100 Brands, collected 3Q2013. Brand usage is similar to that of Pinterest and Google+. 2. Under 5% of top brands post 50 times per month or more on Instagram. Roughly one out of five brands posts once a day. From a content creation perspective, this means you should be able to gain traction by posting one or two photos per day to be in the top quarter of active Instagram brands. 3. Brand engagement in the form of likes and comments has grown an astronomical 350% in the past year. Understand that this type of growth happens when platforms are new and the amount of growth is calculated on a small initial base. 4. Over 80% of Instagram posts by top brands include at least 1 hashtag. 5. 94% of content on Instagram is photographs. This makes sense since it’s still early days for Instagram video and it’s competing with more established video platforms like YouTube. Source:

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