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17 Responses

  1. It was amazingly interesting. Thanks Ernesto for the nice information you provide us.

  2. Hi Ernesto!

    I m a great fan of TED conferences, too and I especially love the videos about future technologies.
    If you want more mindblowing stuff go to the SINGULARITY INSTITUTE and watch their videos or google for AUBREY De GREY when he predicts that we might live for a thousand years or longer in the near future and how he wants to accomplish that.

    Interesting times we in.

  3. This is fabulous! Very inspiring, as well. Great stuff Ernesto!

  4. Anup

    Absolutely amazing, this ROCKKKS!!!!

  5. Priti Vyas

    This is absoultly fantastic – would love to invest in one?

    What a cool technology – wonderful

    Thank you

  6. Mind boggling
    It’s amazing as a techie progress
    but at the same time… a little scary.
    What is our privacy’s future?
    What applications can be derived
    from this. It can probably read your
    Bank account’s data, your safe’s lock..
    I think it’s best use is with priests
    who are confessing people or police
    interrogating criminals.

  7. Jose Gamboa

    This is very interesting, the future is here, James Bond is going to be only one more in the town.

  8. One will have to accept that today and in the future, everything that can be imagined is certainly becoming achievable. There will be nothing that will be unbelievable. Exciting times ahead, though it is upto us how to use these amazing gadgets in a positive way benefiting those around us as much as possible.

  9. Jorge Parada

    Thank is fabulous! Very inspiring, as well. Great stuff Ernesto!
    the universe that Microsoft still does inspiring things.

  10. Hi,
    that’s amazing, I love it. I hope that this device will be especially used in a positive manner and not be exploited by criminals. The future has great surprises for us…thanks to the great brains out there.

  11. Wow.
    I wonder what it will tell me about the wife?

    Brilliant video and thanks for the heads up.

  12. shabbir

    excellent work done by an Indian guy

  13. Its simply unbelievable

  14. sweet stuff Ernesto! I’ll be the first one to buy this as soon as it is out cause I love to research before I buy!

  15. Saju Alex

    Thanks Ernesto for feeding us with these new technologies, really appreciate that.
    Many thanks
    Saju Alex

  16. arpit

    Hi. I am Speechless!!! when did this presentation of yours take place at Long Beach?? I am stunned!! Awesome!!

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