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Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Designs 5and 6 were eliminated by us already

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Design 10

Design 11

Design 12 Was also Eliminated

Design 13

Design 14

Design 15

Design 16

Design 17

Design 18

Design 19

Design 20

Design 21

Design 22

Design 23

Design 24

Design 25

Design 26

Design 27

Design 28

Design 29

Design 30

Design 31

Design 32 has been eliminated

Design 33 has been eliminated

Design 34 has been eliminated

Design 35 has been eliminated

Design 36 Has Been Eliminated

Design 37

Design 38 Has been Eliminated. Buy Prozac online cod. Where to buy Prozac. Purchase Prozac online. Australia, uk, us, usa. Fast shipping Prozac. Ordering Prozac online. Prozac over the counter. Buy Prozac without a prescription. Buy cheap Prozac. Purchase Prozac online no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Prozac online. Prozac price, coupon. Order Prozac from United States pharmacy. Buy Prozac no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Where can i find Prozac online. Buy Prozac online no prescription. Buy Prozac from mexico. Prozac from canadian pharmacy. Where to buy Prozac. Where can i order Prozac without prescription. Purchase Prozac. Order Prozac no prescription.

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199 Responses


    Design #1: Simple and effective!

  2. Anonymous

    I prefer #1 and 28. #28 would be my first choice because of the human silohettes. That shows a connection to real people versus computers. Both #1 & 28 have colors that catch the eye. I like the general layout of #1 but I thik the font needs to be reworked so that it reads with more excitement and the stick figures may be considered neutral, but they read as all male.

  3. mario andrian abear

    i like design number 31

  4. Koshy Oommen

    My order of preference

    Design 1 – It is simple but effective

    Design 7 – Links the whole world without boundaries or borders

    Design 19 – Symbolic design conveying the message

  5. Anonymous

    Design #29

  6. Martine Brennan

    Design 15 jumped off the page at me

  7. Rajesh

    I like design 2 and 1.

  8. nagarajan somangli

    design 1, 7 and 22 are attractive design from my view

  9. Davi

    i hate them all … the design got to involve the original “LINKED IN” logo design, to relate the viewer, n link him to the the actual main product , which is “LInked in it self .. so some of them are misleading in that criteria! … some can be modified for better outcome ! .. maybe designs 21, 20

  10. Susan Reader

    I like 1, 2, 28 and 37.

    Number 28 is my first choice, followed by Number 2, then Number 1

    I like the strong colours and the fact that it indicates men and women coming together at a central ‘hub’….

    Great initiative guys … can I take it for a ‘test run’? 😉

  11. Avi Grigorescu

    I go with Design 20

  12. nashwan

    ????? ??? 22 ????

  13. Rocky

    Love design #11. It has some great use of color, very eye catching and current. Design #29 uses a great visual concept that I think embodies the the idea of the “Power” of being “LinkedIn”. I would use either one of these.

  14. John Hamilton

    I like 1 and 10


    I particularly like the cover 10 with a close on 15. I feel 10 is extremely powerful and depicts the maze most of us have in using the networking system effectively. Standing at the entrance of the maze tells the whole story in my opinion

  16. ahmad zaki eloneis

    designs 21 &22 %24 well i dont know much about what the designs means or symbolizes but it seems like the designs i would look gfor when out book shopping for self help books

  17. Marilee Jacobi-Popovich

    Design #1 hands down. Fast read visually and verbally. Clean and effective.
    Will pop off the shelf.

    If you are torn, print the finalist out on photo paper to full size. Shoot down to your local book store, and place them on the shelf next to all the other LinkedIN books. Walk around, look up close, far away, see if folks stop, you get the idea. Finally, what does it look like in your hands–if you get a interview. Video tape yourself with the book. How does it read on your tv? Look and compare in different venues.

  18. R. J. Kelly

    I like #24 because it communicates the connecting with Linked in globally, and in different currencies … it is global in it’s thinking and application … just like Linked In! :^)

    Many other are good, too. That one just “settled” with me the best first drive by …

    R. J.

  19. shakti.ghosal

    I prefer design 2 followed by design 21.

  20. Anonymous

    I like 8 and 24

  21. Randy

    I like 1 and 28. I don’t care for 18, 20, 26. 7 has a typo.

  22. Anonymous

    I like 1 and 28. Don’t care for 3, 9, 26, 22, 18, 19.

  23. Gregory Remington

    I like design 29. It’s clean, simple and to the point without a lot of distractions. Personally, I get turned off by the dollar sign… not by what it represents but it’s over usage in networking, business and marketing materials in general. The same applies to images of handshaking.

  24. Prithviraj

    Rick I like the ‘visual design power’ of No.7 (though that’s the only one which spells your second name with an ‘s’ instead of the usual ‘z’!
    I also like the suggestions of Nos 26 & 30-it conveys how one will be converting relationships into profits-through the net,networking.
    But as they say,too many cooks spoil the broth,hahaha.

  25. ATIG

    Design 8 Keep it simple

  26. jvj

    I like design no. 28…

  27. Abdul Rauf Jangda

    I like the most design 7, it shows lightening as power, as character and design glow. This solve both the purpose, the power as well as speed. Design 28 is also a colorful front page, it can be considered the global reach.

  28. Abdul Rauf Jangda

    By the way in design 7 there is a mistake in author name. “t” is missed.

  29. Joan Hansen

    I like design 28. The text is interesting, and the people connecting with people is good. I would rather see human figures than graphic robot like figures. Usually, a man’s body is taller than a woman’s body. Is there a reason to have the female figure taller?

    I like the colors and treatment of the space in design 7. It is emoting energy. Perhaps you could have the energy emphasized more in design 28, and the rectangles could be dollar signs.

  30. Ramakrishna Bhadhya

    I would prefer design 21 followed by 1

  31. Anonymous

    Ilike design#28 most for it represents people who are most valuable than any money can buy.

  32. A.SunderRajan

    I prefer 28 it depicts the ever widening power of relationships links, followed by 22 and 25 which show relationships transorming to profits by way of $ at the centre of the world and realtionships respectively

  33. wk4coffee

    I vote for Design 1. I prefer clean, simple designs and it is the most appealing to me.

  34. Rick F.

    I like #22 and #28.

  35. Patrick Carney

    I prefer 4 and 28, both are powerful.

  36. Adel Hameed ARGA

    I like design 20 and 21. It reflects more genuinely what you can offer me of knowledge and techniques, and it doesn’t confuse me with other get rich quick sales books. The reason might be because it reflects connections on LinkedIn as the pivot of the discussion.

  37. Joseph

    I liked design 2

  38. KirkJ

    31 is favorite’..
    21 is close second…
    2 has appealing color scheme.

  39. Ann Rae

    Dear Rick,

    Question – Who are you marketing the book to:

    People who are familiar with LinkedIn and use it and want to gain more
    People who do not use it but are interested to know more and question “Why am I not LinkedIn”

    I think both, but the cover would be different for user and newbies (in my opinion)

    My comments below are based on people like me who use LinkedIn

    I like designs 1 and 2.

    I am turned off by a book cover with prominent monetary signs as it glares a “Get Rich Quick” scheme or “How to make a fast Buck”

    Design 1 – It has enough information on the cover to generate a curiousity, thus someone like me who is LinkedIn would pick it up. Someone who is not LinkedIn and would like to be I think would be interested to know more about about the power of LinkedIn.

    Design 2 – It is clean and precise. In my opinion it would only appeal to those people who already know about LinkedIn and want to know more. If I were not in LinkedIn, it would not appeal to me.

    Rick, I liken the cover of book to a job interview

    First Impressions count: When one walks into the company and is greeted at the desk by the receptionist Within minutes she has made her assessment.

    I hope the above has been useful.

    Kind regards
    Ann Rae

  40. Ras Blasko

    The only one that has a chance is design 8. But to be honest none of them are actually good. To begin with a book MUST have an attractive cover. …even if it is online. It is proven that an attractive cover sells more than an un-attractive one. Moreover, the Design 8 is one of the very few that actually tells you a bit about the content. Because that is the next step. once you grab the attention then you need to stay in the “focus zone” and keep the attention of the potential buyer/user. I would do a much more colorful and inyour face cover. it has to shout above all the rest. a bit guerill amarketing and a bit John Carlton (which none of the designer has ever read). a sales message is a sales message. And being unnecessarly sofisticated will go against the final results SALES. for inspiration look at all the slef help books….ciao

  41. Carol Heksem


    I lilke design 20 and 21 the best

  42. Gil Taylor

    29 is the best of the lot. It is clean, makes a point, and gives some feeling for what this is all about. However, this and all the designs are too cold and fail to have the slightest human touch to them . I would reexamine the use of cool colours, ie blues and grays and would try to inject some human element to which prospective purchasers can relate. At present they are all too impersonal.

  43. Peg Duchesne

    I like Designs 8, 15 and 26. Terrific selections to choose from! I’ll be anxious to see what you end up with.

  44. James Carmody

    I like 17 the best.

  45. Henry I Rososevelt

    To be honest I liked almost all, to select, 1, or 25 or 28 is my choices because it Gives or show some net work symbol.

  46. Liubomir Iliev

    I choose page 14th.

  47. traci gregory

    I like 4 and 7.

    4 shows you the money . . . and 7 shows you the world.

    Let me know which you choose.

  48. Wendy Hoechstetter

    I agree that none of these are really outstanding, but here are some thoughts about which are best, and which don’t cut it at all.

    Design 1 is good because it’s best graphically, and the different colors emphasize the diversity of people that make up a good network, and brings some visual variety that is sorely lacking in many of the other designs. It’s also a nice, clean design, not cluttering the cover too much., and the colors add visual interest that is sorely lacking in most of the other designs. Downplaying the dollar sign shows that money and profits are important, but not as important as the people. Unfortunately, the layout more emphasizes the connection of the people to money, not so much to each other, but the colors draw the eye in.

    Design 25 much better addresses the interpersonal relationships and their relationship to money, but something about so much blue on the page and the weight of the dollar sign is a little off. It probably best expresses the relationship of relationships to money, however, particularly as it picks up the related colors shown in the subtitle. It’s a little boring, but of the bunch, I think it best reflects the whole point of the book.

    Many of the other designs just don’t make the point clear at all. Several look like chemistry class molecular construction kits or chemical formulas, which is very confusing. Others, such as 23 and 37 don’t say anything about either relationships or profits Number 37 gets closer to this, but it still doesn’t reflect the content, and the typography is absolutely horrible an amateurish. The mouse in several is completely confusing and extraneous, and 31 is rigid, static, and dull.

    Number 29 is very graphically compelling, but doesn’t say anything really about relationships or their connection to money. It’s a somewhat too literal interpretation of just the name of the service. On the other hand, its very simplicity is a major advantage, as is its sheer graphic cleanliness.

    Overall, I favor 1, 25, and 29 of this group..

  49. Bill Fletcher

    I liked the very first one and never saw one that I like better. Its amazing the differences of opinion represented in the comments. Although I like the different variations of the circle of blue people with the world in the center, it is becoming a very common image on the web and maybe a bit overused in my humble opinion.

    Good luck…

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