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Order Avelox Over The Counter

Order Avelox over the counter, I want to share with you something that I see as common sense but in reality is not so common...

Two days ago, online buy Avelox without a prescription, Buy cheap Avelox, I found out that one of my favorite  motivational speakers was coming to town and I immediatly went to his website to buy tickets. To my Surprise the sales process of his website was ridiculously complex, order Avelox from mexican pharmacy, Real brand Avelox online, in fact there was an option for you to download a 3 page .pdf document explaining the paying process.

What NONSENSE (I'll love to share this document with you to show how bad this was but I'll feel bad to embarrass a guy that despite his bad web skills I admire tremendously)

Now, where can i buy cheapest Avelox online, Rx free Avelox, this is not an isolated case... I see literally hundreds of websites that have crappy sales processes, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

You name it: Cinema websites, Airlines, Book stores, etc, order Avelox over the counter. Buy Avelox from mexico, How is this possible.

Let me tell you a REAL story and a great metaphor so you will keep it in Mind when designing your sales process:

I don't know about you but I hate coins, where to buy Avelox. Order Avelox online overnight delivery no prescription, Every night after I come back home I have in my pocket a number of coins, What I do is, order Avelox from United States pharmacy, Buy cheap Avelox no rx, unconciously put them inside a big jar I have in my home office (a.k.a my cave). Interestinly I've got also a piggy bank that I got as a present some years ago but that Piggy Bank is almost empty, where can i order Avelox without prescription. Order Avelox over the counter, The other day I was reflecting WHY I never use the piggy bank and I suddenly came to a powerful realization that hopefully will teach you also a BIG lesson in Making Money Online. Fast shipping Avelox, Have a look at these 2 pictures:


The Jar has a Wide opening at the top making it BY FAR easier to put my coins in...

in the other hand the small slot on the top of the piggy bank is quite narrow taking me 5 times longer to put the 4 Euro 45 cents I had left over from today!

So what was my realization...

If you want to make more money on line MAKE IT EASIER FOR PEOPLE TO PAY YOU!

According to some of the top ecommerce experts the maximum should be 5 clicks to a sale. I actually use this 'measure stick' every time i purchase something and it is quite accurate, canada, mexico, india, Comprar en línea Avelox, comprar Avelox baratos, after five clicks I know someone is not doing their job properly.

The wider 'the hole' in your jar the easier will be for people to give you money!

So here are my recommendations:

1) Take payments via Paypal,, where can i find Avelox online, Buy Avelox from canada, Google Checkout ( Besides your regular shopping cart)

2) Accept as many credit cards as possible (VISA, MC, purchase Avelox online, Avelox gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, AMEX, Discover and JCB)

3) Add a Fax form to accept payments (YES A FAX)

4) Accept payments by Phone

And here goes my unconventional suggestion: FORGET ABOUT DAMN CREDIT CARD FRAUD!

Look, purchase Avelox, Buy Avelox without a prescription, I've been doing business online for 5 years and I've received about 7 fraudulent transactions per year. Truth is I believe that people are good in nature and indeed there are a few wackos out there but I think it is ridiculous to punish the honest people for the deeds of a handful of wackos!

I suggest you set up your shopping cart onthe  'low' security option if you're selling digital goods online, where to buy Avelox, Buy Avelox no prescription, truth is if someone manages to get a free download of your product will not really hurt you.  If you're selling physical products my suggestion is simply to keep the seciurity oprions in low but add the CVV (Credit card Security Code) option. In My eyes That is enough (Disclaimer: You're the best suited person to decide how you setup your sales process just keep my advice in mind).

I wish you the very best of luck making money online and I hope this short reflection will help you increase sales.

Please make sure to leave a comment below:

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8 Responses

  1. Another two thing that I hate.

    1. Websites that make you wait to confirm your email address before you can get started. This can take at least 10 minutes of waiting around for an email that can often get lost in the internet ethernet.

    2. The “type the captcha” things on pages (like this comment page) – this one seems Okay but I have come across ones that really strain my eyes and make me feel like a blind fool as I can’t figure out the weird cursive writing (google has a tough one).

    People are busy and is it better to let one or two bad apples through rather than go hungry?

    Please let me know if you tried to live life without 1 or 2 and if it was really hell….are there better ways of doing this?

  2. admin

    Amir, I agree with you for Number one there is a reason and for number two there is a reason.

    What was first: The Chicke or the egg?

    Both of these measures are to avoid spam and I believe BOTH are very effective, unfurtunatly there is not only one or two ‘rotten apples’ they are gazillion rotten apples spamming the heck out of us.

    So yes they are annoying but trust me they are useful and necessary.

  3. Glen Gifford

    Thanks for that Ernesto, the bottom line of any website is income and setting it up right the first time from the beginning is the way to go.

  4. admin

    Indeed Glen, Making money is the whole point of a Website

  5. Reghunath

    This is verymuch true Glen, everyone of us when encounter such difficulties, look elsewhere for the service. I have done it many times. People dont want to waste time or work too much wher easier ways are around. They want ultimate convenience in deals.

  6. Harry

    How do i start making money online?im really interested..pls advice some steps..thank you..

  7. Shrihari A

    Dear Ernesto,

    How true it is. I have also come across several web sites which has very tedious payment options. Will keep in mind the pitfalls to avoid.
    thanks ..


  8. Hey its true and I do he same thing everyday, but dint realize the fact that you just reveiled.. Excellet learning..

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