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The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

I found a great video called The Psychology of Entrepreneurship. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
Learn about the Psychology of Entrepreneurship. Hope you enjoyed it. Ernesto

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23 Responses

  1. KIDBIue

    Hey Jonny, why are you looking at this comment? Keep watching? the video!

  2. Serling Ingram


  3. Tadejuus


  4. dandarth1

    *off? of those

  5. dandarth1

    i was going to post a site but youtube doesnt allow that…so just google "robert kiyosaki scam" and then click on the article (i think its the third one) that says "my beef with Robert Kiyosaki". that site has an organized? collection of things…i only became aware of this because someone tried to get me into a multi level marketing scheme (Amway) and i found out robert kiyosaki makes a lot of money of those

  6. Under21convention07

    Can? you tell me more about Robert k? I was unaware of the negative side…

  7. b29349

    would you like me as? a speaker.

  8. b29349

    you should have me as a? guest speaker.

  9. aerton1

    For? God’s sake, just… START

  10. m1sschocolateface

    thank? you very much

  11. makugx

    more like "gotta buy many Lamborghinis?

  12. joseriverago

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  13. TheHiphopneverdied

    no..I felt like writing it-.-? ugh

  14. grozavable

    fall flat = fail?

  15. Itshalffull

    So… you commented on the? wrong video.

  16. TheHiphopneverdied

    I think? you have to watch the other videoes matt is making, I did understand what the vid is about..-.-

  17. Itshalffull

    I think you missed the? purpose of this video… it had nothing to do with getting girls.

  18. m1sschocolateface

    what was the word that he was saying at : most of the things that we do will ,,,,,,,,? fulfly? foolfly ?,,,,, what ? i dont understand english much please give me the word with right spelling so i can translate it

  19. Kitsune81

    It’s fun to watch this, and take his advice and apply it to pickup. Have multiple plates spinning (don’t focus on 1 girl), because sometimes things don’t work out, and you won’t take it personal and feel bad. You’re less nervous on dates, cause you have other opportunities. Think about the first step to take (approach), instead of planning it? all out. Wanting the perfect interaction gives us writing block, lower our standards.

    This isn’t just advice on business, but on life in general.

  20. louea380

    Look at this sexy c***! I want that shirt he’s wearing.?

  21. Under21convention07

    hey? man gotta eat!

  22. MorrisonEnterprise

    a video with 7 commercials… I know this is about? making money, but for christ’s sake

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