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Matthew Hussey | The Psychology of Entrepreneurship 2.0

I found a great video called Matthew Hussey | The Psychology of Entrepreneurship 2.0. It's a great video and it has some great tips about Entrepreneurship and I hope you'll love it.
Learn about Psychology of Entrepreneurship 2.0 with Entrepreneurship expert Matthew Hussey. Hope you enjoyed it, Ernesto

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21 Responses

  1. mymyhang

    I am an asian female, I know somewhat about business, but I am so impressed & inspired by him. I really think he gives valuable advice for ? startup AND young entrepreneurs.
    Thanks alot Matt.

  2. lovenpeace0605

    I am a self help book holic and he? is now my favorite guru. this is my first time to actually feel like I am shifting myself inside out.. -_-;;;

  3. b29349

    "see that,? now he’s one of us." "See that; now I’m one of them." Those successful people involved in Under21 Convention. Even though I’m a few years over 21.

  4. happymimi16

    "Sell it first!" This? guy is brilliant.

  5. wewantbusiness

    Yeah guys! Keep faking presentations until your really make it as? a speaker.


    <3 i really have lots of? use on this ;))

  7. 8888jpi

    Exact at 28.45 , the things you said made REALLY sense? to me! Thank you so much! Truly inspiring :).

  8. lawfrosty

    1:19:40? 🙂

  9. kevindrake714

    someone please tell me where the part about the? man meeting with LUKE SKYWALKER, im trying to review this part.

    -thank you

  10. corruptwraith

    stuff stuff stuff stuff, stuff? stuff! stuff?! stuff*$& more stuff!. This is actually an? amazing speech

  11. Canadaroxmysox247

    i love how he concluded his talk with every route in life is hard, so you? might as well choose the route that will lead you to what you want to do. so inspirational.

  12. HunterPUA1

    One? of the things I have to do before I die: meet Matthew Hussey

  13. applemlm

    Great humble talk!
    You are gifted and you? have great things ahead of you.

  14. applemlm

    Great humble? talk!

  15. usrnaim

    This is one of the? best things I’ve ever seen.

  16. Jacek666Sreberko

    yes right, Matt is very inspiring and thanks to the 21 convention I was able to met? his thought…

  17. Licona1219

    This man is one of the most inspiring people I’ve come across. He is so smart and really makes you believe that you can do things.?

  18. OkinBNiko

    Matts an real inspiring guy? and hope to check out one of his presentations in person another excellent video keep up the good work!

  19. Lenny1025


  20. letswatchstuffuk

    This? is amazing. I need to meet this guy.

  21. falconandthemoon

    Nicely done,? Mr. Hussey!

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