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Music Marketing – Online Music Marketing & SEO Happy Gilmore Parody. - - Music Marketing - Online Music Marketing & SEO Happy Gilmore Parody. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. Marketing Music with Humor Parody. Happy Gilmore (bring it home scene) When the recording is done, when it is all in place and you are ready to launch, you need to bring it home with the right promotion, online music marketing, offline music marketing and music business plan to move forward in todays music business. Social Media and SEO is one third of the battle and unfortunately 9 times out of 10 not given the effort, budget or time that it deserves. Music industry marketing needs to be a part of any artists plan that is looking to either be successful themselves or get to the point of solicitation to an agent, label or manager. The music business marketing world has changed and the exposure radio and other forms of advertising once had are not as effective anymore. If Social Media Promotion and SEO is properly used, executed and laid out, they can deliver the best results and in many ways, reach a much broader and wider audience than radio can these days. Money and time needs to be budgeted for the SEO and Social Media music marketing. This is a place where even the DIYers need that extra push to reach the wider audiences for a more broad and productive effect. Remember, once you have everything in place, you still have to consider the budget to make sure the marketing and promotion can get your name, your music and your info <b>...<b>


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    the best part is using enjunkie ? (dooootttttttcom) to sell my downloads. They always go home 😉

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    Quanto tempo ci messo a fare questo video? ?

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    Cool stuff!!? Thanks…

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