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Music Marketing – The right and wrong amounts of promoting. - - Music Marketing - The right and wrong amounts of promoting. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. Music Marketing The right and wrong amounts of promoting and social media promotion for a gig. What is the right amount of music marketing when it comes to social media promotion and promoting a gig? When is it too much, and when is it bordering on spam? How are you managing your posts and making sure the music business management of your gig promotion is presented in the best business fashion? I talk to a great deal of artists as a music coach and music consultant about the best way to plug a gig with out shoving it down someones throat. Deciding on a solid posting plan with out going excessive while adding plugs in places with other content updates is a better way to go, over the announcing of a gig, over and over, day after day. Be the musicians and bands that are sharing with out pressuring, inviting confidently with out being pushy. That approach will broaden your fan base and help you stand out. Take the mindset of thinking how many others are pushing the same message and use that to your advantage to find an alternate way to do your music marketing. By taking this in to consideration as well as paying attention to what others are doing, you can find a voice that will not be as redundant when you are reaching out. Your music marketing campaign even on the smallest grass roots level can set a foundation for how you are perceived. Avoid <b>...<b>


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