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My Personal List Of Shortcuts, Hacks & Tools

Guys! I have something to share I found an informative article that really helps you a lot it's about hacks and shortcuts tools that may help you. Check it out! 10 Must-Have Tools That I Use NOW Like my original “Rich’s Resources” document, this new list below is by no means comprehensive. But it will give you a quick glimpse into some of the hacks and shortcuts I use in my business today. Swift Player: For years, I’ve used different players and other tools to speed up audio and video files to cut my lear In the past, I’ve sped up videos using Windows Media Player or Enounce. Before the Internet, I even used an old Radio Shack tape player to speed up recordings.ning time in half. Fast-forward to 2013 and now I use Swift Player.  or my money, it’s the best app I’ve found in recent years to listen to video or audio files at double or triple the speed. Trust me, once you get used to listening to videos and audio files in half the time, you’ll never go back to listening them at agonizingly slow regular speed.  
Divvy: Do you always have dozens of windows open on your screen at any one time? If so, then you need this a pp. ows so you can divide and conquer your workspace. You can even create keyboard sh ortcuts that make organizing your workspace even easier.Divvy lets you easily resize your wind The idea here is you want to organize everything you have open on your computer, so you can quickly flip from one window to the next – and stay focused on the tasks you need to get done for your business.  
GoodReader: Seriously, I LOVE this app. Here’s why: I create a PDF document of my books notes for every book I read. Considering I’ve been reading five books a week for the past six years, that means I have over 1,500 PDF documents to organize. I’ve tried just about everything to organize these book notes. So far, GoodReader is the best app I’ve found for quickly filing and accessing theses PDFs on my iPad. Beyond organizing PDFs, GoodReader lets you highlight, annotate and make notes all over any PDFs you need to keep for your business. And if you have ANYTHING you need to research for your business, I recommend you download this cheap app right now.
  QuickReader: Curious how I read five books a week? Well, it’s fairly simple when you can read 3,000 or 4,000 words a minute like I can. QuickReader makes that possible. This app forces you speed-read. Literally. It highlights each word that you need to read, and moves your eyes through the page at 2,000, 3,000 or even 4,000 a words a minute. (You can get a demonstration of what this looks like in my reading process video.) If you’re an entrepreneur, this is the fastest, easiest way to devour all the information you need to read for your business. I can’t recommend it enough.
  Pocket: Formally known as “ReadItLater,” this app lets you file aw ay any books, PDFs or other documents you may want to “read later” for your business. Frankly, it’s fantastic. I’ve used this app for a while now to save all the documents that I want to read for my business, but I don’t have time to read them at this second.
EverNote: Not only do I use this app, but I recommended ev ery single person on my team download it too. Here’s why: EverNote lets you easily file your n otes, images or any other information you might need for your business. So as a team, it’s a quick way for everyone here at Strategic Profits to stay organized. (And it can do the same for your own business.)  
iHighlight: Remember those book notes I told you about? I couldn’t create book notes if I wasn’t highlighting every book I read. Generally, I use a plain yellow highlighter to mark up physical books. But when I’m reading Ebooks on my iPad, I either use EverNote or this app to quickly highlight anything I might need to know later. A tip for highlighting: When reading for your business, ONLY highlight the items that you can immediately put into use in your business. If you can’t use a particular tool or idea right now (or within the next few months), don’t bother highlighting it.

Dragon: Hate writing, but love speaking? Then you

should download this app immediately. Dragon is a dictation tool. This app types whatev

er you say, so it’s a good tool for quickly getting your though ts down on paper. But more importantly, it allows you to write by “speaking.” You can knock out whole blog posts, sales copy, web copy and anything else for your business simply by speaking into the app. So if you hate writing, it’s a great way to constantly generate copy for your business simply by talking your way through it.    
Screenflow: LOVE this app. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Screenflow is ideal for creating quick marketing videos for your business. But beyond that, my team also uses Screenflow to film videos to train each other on various tasks. For example, a while back, my Chief Technology Officer, Artie created a quick training video to show my team how to use the new A/B testing app he created. For your own business, it’s a great way to train outsourcers. Rather than typing out instructions, film a quick video where you visually show your outsourcer how to use different applications or give details about your specific work processes and habits.
  Have Your Phone or iPad Speed-Read For You: Don’t have enough time to read? Then you need to use this tool… This short-cut allows you to get the information you need for your business, while you’re driving, running or anywhere else where it’s not convenient for you to read. Not many people realize this, but you can set your iPhone or iPad to read text aloud to you – just by adjusting a few settings and increasing the reading speed.     Source:

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