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New Ideas for the New Year: Online Marketing in 2015

The year 2015 will be full of surprises, but not everything needs to be a total shocker. We can start planning now for some of what 2015 will bring. So, what should we be focusing on? I am privileged to know some smart entrepreneurs and marketers, the kind of people who would have an informed opinion about 2015. You’ll find many of them in the following infographic. Give it a read and know that these bright folks (and me) aren’t guessing. Take these online marketing tips and do your own research. 2015-marketing-tips-experts Continue Reading...

2015 Expert Marketing Tips

The tips below include the detailed response from each marketing expert. The tips cover all aspects of online marketing, including email marketing, copywriting, pay-per-click, analytics and conversion rate optimization. Karl Blanks & Ben Jesson | Conversion Rate Experts | Most marketers spend their lives in search of new ideas. But their bottleneck is always execution—the rate at which they can implement ideas. Learn about the Theory of Constraints, identify what your bottlenecks are, and find ways to remove them. Perhaps the most important aspect of our service is that we show our clients how to re-engineer their processes for speed—a hallmark of the top online businesses we have helped to grow. Neil Patel | Quicksprout | The best marketing tip I have for 2015 is to test out 3rd party authentication services. When you are trying to boost your sales or leads you probably require someone to give you their information. By using Facebook or Gmail authentication people can give you their information with one click, which should increase your conversion rate Brad Geddes | AdAlysis | Marketing is moving back towards the actual message. The past few years the trends have revolved around scale and automation. Regardless if the context was around mobile, optimization, or another subject, those two factors dictated how everything was done. What was lost in the automation was customizing and testing the actual message on a personal level. Now that scale and automation are just parts of the daily routine; we’re going to get back to actual marketing. You must think about the individual audience and how you write and test the actual messages for them. Chris Hexton | GetVero | Put data to work! You don’t have to be to personalize your marketing. From your website to your email, invest time in turning your data in action and, preferably, automation. The big boys are doing but the tools are out there for everyone to run highly-targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns. Craig Sullivan | @optimiseordie If you are a retail store, you will have tills on each floor to collect the money, credit card machines to count the payments, reporting systems to collect and show this data. What if the tills were broken? What if nobody checked the cash and payments in the bank were the same as what the reporting told each store manager? What if someone was stealing money and you didn’t know? What if refunds weren’t counted? This would mean death or serious problems in a retail environment so why do most of my clients have broken Google Analytics configurations? This tool may be FREE to many companies but this doesn’t mean it COSTS NOTHING to set up and run it correctly. Dream on. Like the tills, it needs to be checked for accuracy, calibration and instrumentation. If you do not invest in checking, improving and extending your analytics, by investing in tools, process, people – then a misalignment between your business and your reporting will screw you. I know 5 people who typically take 1-2 days, sometimes longer for complex setups, to find the broken things in your configuration. The cost of doing this improves reporting, insights and accuracy of business decision making for a tiny sum of money. Even if you aren’t investing in analytics, you MUST check the tills are adding up correctly. Get your analytics ‘health checked’ to make sure the basics are right and doing the rest becomes much easier. Bryan Eisenberg | This year focus on the Conversion Trinity; Relevance, Value & Call to Action. Work hard to make your message more relevant to your customers, to clarify your value and to build confidence in your calls to action Brian Massey | Conversion Scientist | Mobile sites are in the same place that desktop websites were in the 1990s. Just as in the 90s, we are putting things on our mobile sites that seem to be the right things. In 2015, testing will prove just how wrong our assumptions are. If we had the testing tools in 1994 that we have now, Web 1.0 would have had a much shorter life. I predict that Mobile 1.0 will die in 2015 for any online business that counts. Peep Laja | ConversionXL | Forget best practices and tactics. Be your own benchmark. Aim to do better than you did last month, ignore market averages. Measure everything, use data to form insights and test your way to what works best for you. Brian Dean | Backlinko | Don’t “publish and pray”. Work your butt off promoting your stuff. Most people struggle with content marketing because they lack a step-by-step plan. And any credible content marketing plan needs to include promotion. With 2 million blog posts published every single day, it’s almost impossible to stand out without the right content promo. It takes a ton of work, but it’s well worth the extra traffic, exposure, shares and links that you get from a well-promoted piece of content. Continue Reading... Check out this few Internet Marketing tips. Enjoy!

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