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News Flash: BSOS Plague Sweeping Country

I found some great article from someone and would like to share this very informative post on BSOS that stands for Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Have you heard about the BSOS plague sweeping across our nation? Less than two weeks ago, during #smallbizchat on Twitter I learned of this awful disease. Now it seems to be everywhere, even in a blog post on ProBlogger yesterday. It’s a sign. It’s meant to be. I need to save the world from BSOS! Quick, read on before we all become mindless spending zombies.

What is BSOS and how do you protect yourself?

BSOS stands for Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Sunglasses won’t help. You can’t get a vaccine from your doctor. Worst of all, it’s highly contagious and impossible to diagnose from a distance.

The Symptoms of BSOS

The number one symptom of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is the uncontrollable urge to spend money (or time) on the latest gadget, service, software or online tool. People suffering from BSOS are hypnotized by the pull of something new. The grass is always greener shinier on the other side. We’ve all experienced the lure of something new. Normally we can resist it when necessary. BSOS takes away our impulse control.

“Ooh. Look at that cool new phone. It can take HD videos, report on traffic in LA, and even start the morning coffee. I need one!”

So why do you want one? It’s new. It’s has all these cool features. It’s shiny. The second, sneaky symptom is denial. Those who have BSOS are convinced that this latest craze idea is pure genius. Sure to result in riches galore. The shiny silver bullet to success.

“Have you seen this Social Media Tool that tracks your ginormous target market all the time. It will tell you where they eat, which blogs they read, how well done they like their steak, and…”

A little over the top? Sure. But inside you know there is a kernel of truth to it. Why am I so sure? I suffer from BSOS. *Collective Gasp* How did I get it? How do I treat it?

How It’s Transmitted

Unless you live like a hermit, you will be exposed. TV, radio and even blog posts can all infect you. People love to share information on their discovery. In fact, the thrill of talking about something shiny is only second to buying something shiny. No event is safe either; networking lunches, conferences, even sales meetings. Someone will pull out their new smart phone, or share a story on the latest technique that made them a bundle. Of course you’d like to make more money. Or get the attention reflected off your Bright Shiny Object. Who wouldn’t? You start rationalizing why you *need* a new phone. You begin to daydream of all the money this fabulous new technique will make you. You are now infected with BSOS.

Treating Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Unfortunately there is no cure. BSOS appeals to that deeply ingrained human desire for something more, something better, something new right now. The good news, it can be treated right now. How’s that for appealing to BSOS to stop BSOS?. Let’s take a common scenario and see how you can stop BSOS in its tracks.

“Guru Gary has just come out with this fantastic program, designed to bring flocks of new customers to your website. You just know this is the key to your success.”

Before you buy, or invest time in a so-called free tool, ask yourself these three easy questions: 1. Why is this better than something you already have, do or use? Guru Gary has promised us more traffic. However its not clear if more traffic will actually result in more sales, or even build our mailing list. What if all our new traffic is looking for the next doomsday prophecy? 2. Will this BSO generate at least enough profit or save enough time to pay for itself? I just want a higher Alexa ranking. Isn’t that worth something? Won’t money follow traffic? In a word, no. 3. What tool, technique or service are you going to stop using to have the time for this one? Why would I stop using anything else? I want it all! Unfortunately there are a finite number of hours in the day. So until you invent a time machine, something else has to go. Next time you feel the pull of BSOS, answer these three questions. Hand the answers to a trusted colleague, mentor or coach. Ask them to give a simple thumbs up or down. You must follow their recommendation.

Final Thoughts

Do you, or a friend (nudge nudge, wink wink) have BSOS? What has your friend spent time or money on that they didn’t need? How would you counsel them to treat BSOS? Source:

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