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Pin Down Success Using Pinterest

Is your business using Pinterest? This growing social media network is a great way to extend your brand to a highly engaged audience. Before you get started, watch this informative video about using Pinterest for business success and great article about using Pinterest to pindown success!
Pinterest is growing faster than any other social media outlet, in this post you be able to Pin Down Success Using Pinterest: take advantage of its growth through social media marketing.

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Even if you already use Pinterest for marketing purposes, there may be some things that you can do to make your online marketing efforts far more effective. 1. Connecting Pinterest with Other Social Media Outlets Pinterest optimize social media marketing 1 You probably already use social media outlets like Facebook and Google+, and chances are you’ve explored them enough to know how to maximize your marketing efforts through them. Connecting Pinterest with your other social media efforts can help you reach more of your target audience on more sites. Add a Pinterest button so that your followers and friends have the option to “pin” the content you provide on those outlets. Suggest that they follow you on Pinterest and provide a link to your profile or a specific board you feel is most successful. “Share” your pins on your social media profiles so that everyone can see. The idea is to cross-promote. Do not post every single thing you put on Facebook on Pinterest and vice versa. Each of your profiles should still have a unique feel, and it should show that you spend quality time on each one. Do, however, link to each social media site from the other. Chances are that if they like you or your product enough to follow you on one, they will follow you on the other. 2. Use the Right Apps Pinterest optimize social media marketing 2 Pinterest does allow you to connect your account to Facebook, but using an app designed specifically to do that is much simpler and generally more effective. There are a variety of different apps that can connect your social media accounts and pages, but Woobox is a pretty popular one that a lot of people are using. Once you install one of the apps designed to connect your social media accounts, your activity on Pinterest will start to stream through your Facebook page, allowing users that may not know you have Pinterest or use it regularly to check out and like your posts. These apps also allow Pinterest users that see your content to check out your Facebook page and become a friend or follower. 3. Quick Browsing After you connect your Pinterest account with other social media accounts, users will be able to quickly see when you post on Pinterest through sites like Facebook, which means you’ll likely get more clicks from people already following you or your company. Connecting social media accounts simply means that users will see more of your content, and they’ll be able to do it all from a site they browse on a regular basis, like Facebook. 4. Add a Pin Button Pinterest optimize social media marketing 3 Having a pin button in clear sight makes pinning content much easier for you and the users following your content. Every piece of content that you create and share should have a pin button, allowing users to pin your content to a new board or one of their existing boards. Having a pin button will also allow you to quickly pin content to your boards – even if it’s your own content from a site that you run. 5. Be Specific If you use Pinterest, you already know that people will create boards about anything and everything. While you might think that generic pin boards will help attract more users, the truth is that very specific pin boards will actually help you find more users. That way each board that you create will apply to a niche market of users looking for something specific or with an interest in a certain type of product. As an example, if you sell wall mounts for televisions you can create several pinboards that indirectly relate to the product that will entice people to “like,” “repin” and “follow” you. You will have absolutely no success with a pinboard about television wall mounts alone unless they are bedazzled. That said, one of your boards could be about earthquake safety. That might sound boring, but you have to remember that many of the users on Pinterest are women between 25 and 35, and many of them are mothers. With close to 40 million people in California (the earthquake ridden state), 50% of whom are women and 57% of whom are women between 19 and 64 years of age, there is a significant chance that you will have a very successful board on earthquake safety granted that the information you provide is useful and relevant. Include information on how to plan a safe exit from your home with your family, properly strapping furniture to the walls (work in television wall mounts here), the best products to pack in an emergency kit, etc. It may sound like a lot of work but it takes only about a couple of hours to set up the account, create a board, follow a few people, pin a few things, then schedule pins through an app like Pingraphy -- it’s a great idea to schedule pins throughout the day to maintain a presence. A couple of hours versus the eventual return is really nothing. The point of this is to create a following of Pinterest users that have the potential of becoming customers by providing them with relevant information they feel makes you a credible source to look to. Earthquake safety not convincing you? Try applying everything mentioned above to one of these:
  • Tuscan Style Interior Design
  • Children’s Health
  • Modern Architecture
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Man Cave
  • Educational Television for Children
  • T.V. Junkie -- All the Must-See Shows!
  • Film Buff
Pinterest right now is really a boundless social media outlet that is growing uncontrollably. There is no telling just how much value it has, and learning to utilize it now as opposed to when everyone else is already using it is going to give you a leg up.

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