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Pinterest Power: Show Your Gloss

Pinterest rocks for marketers! It’s a glossy visual showcase for both products and services that drives sales. For pinners, it’s not just about getting the most images on their pinboards. Rather it’s about the gestalt and luster of the experience they portray. 3 Pinterest facts marketers need to consider Marketers need to understand how and when people use Pinterest. Here are 3 charts via Shareaholic. 1. Pinterest goes mobile. People share content on Pinterest on-the-go. They use Pinterest on a mobile device 3 times more frequently than on a desktop. This makes sense since Pinterest is about images and short content that people can snack on and share. Mobile Pinterest Shareaholic 2. Pinterest dominates tablets. It gets almost half of the shares on iPads, almost 3x the rate of Facebook and Twitter. This makes sense since tablets are for couch surfing and commerce. If your audience consists of tablet users, you must be on Pinterest. Pinterest-Tablet-Shareaholic-e1387348436818 3. Pinterest is an evening delight. Pinterest is for me-time. It’s in the evening after work. It’s not something people check on their smartphone at work or on-the-go. Pinterest-Timing-Shareaholic-2013-1 3 Pinterest tips to power your marketing 1. Make your products alluring to your target audience. In today’s world of instant digital photography anyone can make their life look beautiful with the right composition, lighting, color palette and technology. Consumers seek to add gloss and desirability to their lives and show that they’re doing as well as their peers. At its core, creating Pinterest eye candy provides validation and bragging points participants can show their friends and social media connections. Therefore marketers need to provide an editorial voice through their selection and curation of images. This is still an art form but when it’s done well, your products shine and stand out on Pinterest. 2. Create an experience around your product. Don’t just stick boring product photos from your catalog on Pinterest. It won’t work. Pinterest is about telling the stories that illustrate how your product fits into people’s lives. People turn to Pinterest to figure out how to make their lives better and more attractive by seeking readymade solutions. Therefore, for each product you must consider how to make take the mundane and instill it with sex appeal for your audience. 3. Focus on the topics that drive Pinterest engagement. To help attract an audience on Pinterest, it helps to at least tangentially concentrate on core topics such as DIY, clothes, interior design and food. Source:

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