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Ray Kurzweil – Exponential Learning & Entrepreneurship

I found a great video called Ray Kurzweil – Exponential Learning & Entrepreneurship. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
"Entrepreneurship shouldnt just be an after-school club" Inventor & futurist, Ray Kurzweil on DNA, 3D printed buildings, prediction accuracy, adjusting to change, neuroscience and innovation in schools and learning. Talk presented at the Learning Without Frontiers Conference - January 25th 2012, London (LWF12) Hope you enjoyed it, Ernesto

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24 Responses

  1. charmander4533

    lawrence Krauss sure has aged quite a bit?

  2. tylus17

    55:00-56:03 The Mark of the Beast buddy..You will not be? able to buy, sell, nor trade without it.

  3. MikeRoePhonicsMusic

    Did you ever hear the old TED Talk intro?? It would destroy your ears.

  4. MarkOates2

    0 people haven’t? figured out how to learn exponentially…. er… wait…

  5. F00dTube

    Ray Kurzweil can draw a graph of an exponetial function. Ray Kurzweil has seen the movie The Social Network. Ray Kurzweil: "Mr Gorbachov tear down this wall!"?

  6. davinkorea

    Thanks? for sharing this! Can’t wait to see what the future brings

  7. MarkOates2

    Yea, it’s not that bad sound-wise. ? TED is a straight-up Danny Elfman stylistic ripoff. 😛

  8. 1schwererziehbar1

    yeah it’s too? loud, but at least it’s not a disgrace to humanity like the TED music.
    in fact it has a very pleseant sound.

  9. MarkOates2

    yea, that logo? isn’t WAY TOO LOUD AT ALL!! >:(

  10. shade1978x

    By only a cursory glance of your lazy comments I’ve concluded that you’re a moron. Unbelievable.?

  11. rambo4337

    im sick? ,america your murdering me.

  12. rambo4337

    so the u.s knows about stem cell tech saving lifes? but its illegal?omg no life extension here or maybe….

  13. warren26501

    You’re right on that point. Once the technology to deal with aging and most diseases is streamlined, the life expectancy of the average first-world person will go? up dramatically.

  14. filipminic91

    Besides most problems are in the software not in the hardware these days.?

  15. filipminic91

    Are you high? The pcs are getting better and cheaper each and every single year,you must have totally got screwed if you find? your pc not faster than the old one.

  16. fleshtheworld


    Well, nice grammar.? Time to take a nap.

  17. fleshtheworld

    I bought a computer in 2006, it stills runs awesome including running all the new stuff like games, etc. Not instant fast but good. I bought a new computer in late 2011. It runs the same or worst and sometimes barely any faster then my old computer – but even close to 2 times better. Thats over 5 years of tech not getting? better. The only change is that it cost about half the price now it did 5 years ago. I expect better from the students who become engineers, but oh well.

  18. fleshtheworld

    He doesn’t look too healthy. How old is he?

    Isn’t it easy? Just make and eat pills that contain minerals and whatever that your body needs or should typically have.

    How is that other guy Aubrey de gray doing? Hes more of a? dreamer then an accomplisher right?

  19. CarboneCZ

    He may also? take into consideration software side, GDP, inflation…

  20. eduTouY

    Ok, point well taken. Nonetheless, that would require a 35% reduction in the price of Ivy Bridge chips compared with Sandy Bridge chips even with? the 30% increase in performance. I don’t believe that’s feasible.

  21. abramsonrl

    Price performance is what doubles every 11 months. It’s not just faster. It’s also cheaper, so it’s faster per dollar spent. Here’s some raw data? since 1944. Go nuts.

  22. gamepro94z

    its not going to take 100 years trust? me if you make it past the next 20 years you will live forever

  23. suamaegorda

    I wish I was born 100 years in the future? to be a cyborg.

  24. eduTouY

    Fascinating lecture, as usual from Ray? Kurzweil. Re: processor speed doubling every 11 months. Where is the data to support that. Ivy Bridge will be released 17 months after Sandy Bridge and it’s being touted as "30%" faster. That’s not exactly a 100% increase in 11 months.

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