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KIM KARDASHIAN IS A MARKETING GENIUS & ANON STRIKES AGAIN!! This video KIM KARDASHIAN IS A MARKETING GENIUS & ANON STRIKES AGAIN!! was cool. KIM KARDASHIAN IS A MARKETING GENIUS & ANON STRIKES AGAIN!! I picked two stories I enjoyed and talk a little about them. Thanks so much, and dont forget to check me out on the links below! MAIN CHANNEL KIM KARDASHIAN IS A MARKETING GENIUS & ANON STRIKES AGAIN!! philip defranco sxephil Kim Kardashian Fear Factor cops guns anon


24 Responses

  1. Chris Noisse

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  2. Aixus1000

    ( .Y. ) BOOBIES!!!!!!!!?

  3. am00nh

    @mawinachu LOOOOOOL!!?

  4. Mawinachu

    (.? :)( .)

  5. davideffects

    Hey I’m a guy and KIM KARDASHIAN is sooooooooooooooooo boring. She in my opinion have the? personality of belly button lint, wait lint wins has more personality!

  6. prestaeus


  7. sirwhydidyoudothat

    haha? korkers

  8. UltraLinG666

    Weird looking kitchen ^.^ ik ik,another? homo joke

  9. Funjackerjones

    Came for boobs, stayed for boobs?

  10. 25Nikers

    You Do Like Kim and Market Your Videos With Your Boob. But then People Actually Watch? Your Videos and Then Become Very Sad.

  11. SibeGroth

    i hate your voice, no real? reason, i just hate it.

  12. johnnyrosra

    There’s poo on? your tittas!!

  13. JesusWey

    Why is your head cut off? You want to show the bewbs,? follow hellyahitsnoc’s advice.

  14. FrostmoorX


  15. zorg146

    ? mmmm delicious

  16. TiffanyJessicaSnsd

    — I know you already know that people called you? to keep your boobs, but in the end, you act like nothing happened and just copy others vids, & putting your boobs & also put arrows on ur boobs =.="

  17. poolidoor

    who s kim kardashiante??

  18. mogana20

    I only clicked for one reason.?

  19. MrBarney524

    I came? here for the hooter show,and that’s all.

  20. nancylovesyouuu

    For the love of God, cover yourself up. I understand you may show your boobs the way you do just to get more views (or for attention if you’re desperate) but if you want? people to take you seriously, at least appear to be presentable. Also, loosen up a little. You seem so tense…

  21. webekyle

    can we make the top 2 comments the top 2 comments on every one of? her videos?

  22. kellie77381

    If you want to be taken seriously cover yourself? ffs.

  23. sandrat505

    Nice? cleavage


    stop fucking copying his videos? bitch

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