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Should you change your facebook strategy now

I found a great video called Should you change your facebook strategy now. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
Katie Naranjo, CEO and co-founder of GNI Strategies, has been working in campaigns since she was six years old in Lufkin, Texas, volunteering for Bill Clinton. She continued her activism in Austin, serving during the 2008 election cycle as President of the College Democrats of America, an organization of over 100000 members. Katie earned a BS in Public Relations and a BA in Government from the University of Texas. Ms. Naranjos past clients include the presidential campaign of then-Senator Hillary Clinton; Congressmen Max Sandlin, Chris Bell, and Lloyd Doggett; Houston Mayor Annise Parker; and many others. Katie will share the facebook strategies and framework that GNI Strategies provides for its own clients. She will address the recent changes to facebook and show how you can best achieve your political goals in this new environment. The end of the program is devoted to audience questions. Hope you liked it. Ernesto

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