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Social Media & Email Marketing is Equal to Success

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    email marketing strategySo many social networking sites have been emerging here and there pushing people to join in. Ultimately, these social media are used not only to share personal photos, albums, videos and statuses but also used as a way of marketing. Of course, accessing profiles of possible customers is a good entrance to lead them to sales conversion. In this light, you might think that email marketing may die a slow death through the years. But that’s not true. In fact, the best path now to success is to combine both email marketing and social media marketing. Why and how? Read on.   What Difference Would the Combo Make? Marketing experts are saying that the ability to capture an audience by email is not far from doing the same by social media marketing campaigns. Online users access their inboxes every day and so do they do social media accounts. As well, they check on the latest feeds from their friends through social media and share the latest happenings in their life, while they check messages in mailboxes as these are treated and counted as more personal and important in targeting messages effectively. By this, can you see the power of integrating the two? If you are a marketer and utilize social networks and emails, you can include promotional messages to both in different timing. Basically, you would need to maximize the use of these two platforms to reach out to a wider audience. This will help you interact better with more people and improve relationships with them. Engaging with them through social media can make them subscriber to your mail list and receive exclusive promotions and offers from your business. The use of email, on the other hand, would make them follow you in social networks and reach out to a larger circle once you also get to capture the interest of their friends. How to Combine Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing to Help Your Site's SEO Now that you are aware of the benefits, this part discusses steps on how you can take action in pursing the combination of social sharing and email marketing: 1. Insert Social Icons in Email Footers You know the part where you close your message and write your digital signature in emails? That’s where it’s best to put the social buttons that link up to your blog and social networking sites. You can even include a brief message to motivate and ask your email readers to join your social networks. 2. Provide Incentives to Your Readers, Fans and Followers As part of their enlistment to your social media account and email subscription, providing them incentives will make them appreciate their membership more. They are not only added members of your online community but consider them already as potential clients of your company. See them as endorsers of your brand who have the ability to extend and spread your message to many others on the web. Make them see what’s in it for them if they join in. 3. Cross Promote After accomplishing steps 1 and 2, the next important thing to do is to cross promote. You already have a growing network of followers in social media and a group of subscribers who signed up for your email newsletters, so you have to retain these people by leveraging on individual platform to enhance your promotions and stay dominant. So when people change their email address, they can still receive updates from your social media channels and decide to opt in again using their new one. As well, they can check updates—through email—when their company or office firewall prohibits them to access social media during work hours. Tips for Keeps: With the use of social media as a brand engagement tool and emailing as a direct sales tool, you can level up your marketing competently. The more subscribers and followers you have in either or both email and social media, the better and the larger chances you have in getting profits long-term. It is also wise to analyze metrics such as the number and trends of click-through and the statistics on clicks and conversions. When you are armed with these data, it would be easier to improve your marketing efforts and gain new followers for stronger support.

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