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Surprising Secret To Making FB EdgeRank Work For Users Or Brands

Here's another great post of useful algorithm from Facebook edgerank. Everyone, read and learn how this works! EdgeRank is Facebook’s clever algorithm that decides what content you will see based on your actions and the actions of others. To a certain degree, you can control your FB contents and newsfeeds as they pertain to you. If you are a business trying to build Brand Recognition, you also have influence over how well your hard earned money works for you by understanding EdgeRank and how it functions. Facebook Edgerank What you will get from this post:
    • EdgeRank: Explained
    • Social Users: Asserting your influence
    • Business Branding: How to make an impact on your Brand recognition
    The Efficiency of the EdgeRank Algorithm The EdgeRank algorithm is really not as complicated as it appears to be. In fact, it is relatively brilliant in its simplicity. Much like everything about Facebook, you have to admire its efficient design. Σ is the sum of Ue = Affinity We = Weight De = Time Decay The first symbol, which is the Greek character Sigma, is used for auto-sum/average in Microsoft Excel. Here, the EdgeRank algorithm expresses itself as “the Sum of Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay.” Again, so simple and yet so naturally befitting a Facebook application. For the average user, here is how EdgeRank decides what you will see in your content. Edge Explained Edge is the word the algorithm assigns to any content a user places into FB designed to illicit a response of any kind and that response. In other words, if it can happen in Facebook, it is an EDGE. A prime example of an Edge can be a post, a like, a share, a video, a complaint, and even ignoring it all together would be taken into consideration by the smart algorithm. Each event or Edge is then ranked by the three criteria above looking at your individual history of content from the moment you registered your Facebook account. Here is How it Works 1. All the edges that you have ever placed or responded to are held up against your affinity, which is your relationship to them, (Did you like them, respond to them, complain about them.) 2. At the same time, the same Edges are held up to Weight, whose job it is to ascertain the degree and strength of your response. The Weight of your response is measured using a predefined Facebook value system which assigned a number to each type of response. 3. Time Decay, which basically keeps the newsfeed fresh by calculating interest, controls how long the content remains in view of those who would want to view it. (Not everyone sees the same topic over the width and breadth of FaceBook. EdgeRank decides who sees what based on these three algorithm tools for each individual user.) Knowledge is the Key to Controlling EdgeRank Now that you know how Edges are ranked by EdgeRank, you can control it to a high degree. Once everything has been held up against the scrutiny of the EdgeRank algorithm, what you see is based upon how you reacted to similar content in the past and that is the key to controlling it. If you enjoy a certain type of content, post and respond to that type of content. The smart algorithm will learn from you and you will see more of it. Brand Strategy Reformulation is the Key If you are a business out to gain Brand recognition, you are following a posting strategy. Your activity, or Edge, is designed around getting your Brand seen and responded to in a positive way. You have to use EdgeRank as a gauge that allows you to assert your control by adjusting your strategy. If your content is not achieving the desired results, you know that you need to switch tactics. The most common Brand recognition solutions for brands not getting the desired EdgeRank response is to reinvigorate their content, up the ante on contests, and become more involved in community concerns. Brands can influence the EdgeRank algorithm. Common Brand Problems/Solutions
    • Take a quick look at what you are doing as opposed to what popular Brands are doing to feed the EdgeRank machine.
    • Is your Facebook content fresh, exciting, and current?
    • Do your links lead to informative, engaging content?
    • Are your polls contemporary in nature, reflecting top concerns of the times?
    • Is the copy in your contests exciting and persuasive?
    • Does your content reach out to the target audience you have chosen to engage? (Does it speak to them?)
    EdgeRank Cares about Your Brand Once you have made the necessary adjustments to change the responses, EdgeRank will display your brand in front of more people. The trick is to coax a positive response from Facebook users with the kind of content that is A, hard to resist, and B, easy to love. Another trick… offer content that is simple and exciting. Use surprising content that asks for a response rather than offers information only. EdgeRank is designed to Please You For average Facebook users, knowing how EdgeRank works will afford you the opportunity to swing the type of content you desire back to your page. All you really need to do is respond to and post the type of content that tells EdgeRank which type of content interests you and EdgeRank will do the rest. EdgeRank is the simple and elegant algorithm that wants you to be happy. Source:

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