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Thai Health Promotion Board- Smoking Kid (Original version)

Created by Ogilvy Thailand


11 Responses

  1. kunhernowoputra

    Iklan yang kreatif Sekali?

  2. treridings

    Awesome commercial….very,? very awesome.

  3. nguyentientai88


  4. MrBrightEyesz

    that was? fucking BEAUTIFUL </3

  5. SadlifeProduction

    I was in Thailand for the shooting of this commercial, that little? kid stole my lighter

  6. Ohioma

    A-MAZ-ING… but if other countries adopted this approach it would lose its? surprise appeal

  7. yoeieyang

    This is a very good method? to be practice to other contries, not just Thailand.

  8. padib72

    WOW!! thats a very powerful spot. Smoking is? disgusting.

  9. leonmrs16


  10. namocool

    All? the views gone…

  11. GraceTararat

    ???? ??????????????? censor ??????

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