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The 21 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship – A Real Life Fable by Jason Nazar

I found a great video called The 21 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship - A Real Life Fable by Jason Nazar. It's a great video and witness some great tips about Entrepreneurship and I hope you enjoy it.
Jason Nazar, co-founder and CEO of Docstoc, revisits his undergrad alma-matta to tell about his journey as an entrepreneur and talk about his philosophy of the 21 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship. Hope you enjoy it, Ernesto

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13 Responses

  1. docstocTV

    Thank you for? the kind words and glad you have joined millions of users finding benefit from access to high quality documents!

  2. BrentVent1

    Strong presentation, Thanks for your insights from the trenches Jason. I just uploaded my first file? from Docstoc.

  3. AnionsCations

    I never considered selling a product or service without being very confident I can deliver.

    Interesting concept. Jason is? correct that when we have NO CHOICE we are able to deliver.

  4. docstocTV

    thanks? for the feedback. We’re working on more long form videos like this. Stay tuned!

  5. docstocTV

    Thank you for the comment. Look? out for more great talks from Jason!

  6. jase4223abf

    Great video! The 5 Critical Steps to Make a Sale:
    1. Gain interest
    2. Establish creditibility
    3. Establish need
    4. Offer a solution
    5. Have? a system for an easy transaction

  7. richboyshim102

    Wow. You will put Tony Robbins out of business Jason!?

  8. richboyshim102

    Wow. You’ve will put? Tony Robbins out of business Jason!


    Ben Gleib? sent this link! Thanks to the both of you, This is amazing.

  10. JC4Atkins

    One of the best lectures I ever heard. Thank? you Jason

  11. moralexluis87

    Excellent video, I agree with almost? everything! I like it very much

  12. joshochs

    "The only? variable you can control is your work ethic"….LOVE THIS. So true.

  13. btravisgriffin

    Thanks for your contributions. Great lecture and? quite motivating.

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