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The Advantages of Video Marketing

Video MarketingVideo marketing is an advertising vehicle making its way to the Internet. Although video marketing is well established though the use of TV commercials, it's unlikely to replace current Internet marketing strategies. Instead, it works well as a marketing supplement. Understanding the advantages that video marketing brings will help customers appreciate the method's prevalence. Proven Video marketing started in the form of television commercial ads---and remains one of the most utilized methods by many companies. Although expensive in most cases, television ads have proved to be effective at getting a point across through constant exposure to the audience. Internet Video marketing can be applied to more than just television commercials. It can be adapted to various forms on the Internet. Video marketing is most notably used on websites to get a point across. Many companies pay to have short video clips made and placed upon websites or mass video distribution sites, such as, in a bid to increase sales. Sponsored Links Facebook Marketing Course Learn online+Get assessed+Get certified for just Rs 2000. Reading Video marketing takes advantage of people's lethargic natures. Most people prefer to "watch" something, rather than "read" something because it requires less effort. When used in marketing tactics, video can help retain and influence potential customers who might not have otherwise stayed and read the marketing materials. Trust Because it takes more effort, or at least "appears" to take more effort, to create a video than what it takes to post text---especially on the Internet---video signifies trust to the audience. Internet videos are rarely as high quality as TV ads. Many companies utilize professional videos to set them apart from homemade videos, such as those created with webcams. Search Engine Optimization Another advantage to businesses that utilize video marketing is the way search engines "read" videos on the web. Major online search engines give more priority to videos than text on websites. Companies having difficulties ranking their websites through search engine optimization, or SEO, can improve rankings by adding videos. Source:

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