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The Force Feed – WoW Monopoly and $50 Million on Vita Marketing (Feb 13th 2012)

Force Strategy Gaming presents: The Force Feed The Last of Us Combat: Max Payne 3 Screens: Dirt 3 Complete Edition: Blizzard Boardgames: Unreal Engine 4 in 2012: Force Website: Force Strategy Gaming Your premier location for strategies and tutorials to the games you love! Intro by Zach Booth Music by: The Scession Studios

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24 Responses

  1. doluseb

    Was so disappointed when you said WoW ? monopoly boardgame. Was so hoping they were being indicted for real monopoly. 😛

  2. Rhino10e

    Force there are good? board games out there. They are not all just themed Monopoly.

  3. Batmaaaan23

    lol? I just think you want to imagine Force as some superior human or android that doesn’t need to blink. How flattering for him =)

  4. ramslak

    Nononono no no, that was a rebellious eyelid that wanted to blink and had a go at it, sadly Force his brain stopped this blasphemy in time and pulled it back, therefore? resulting in a twitchy (ALMOST BLINKING!!) eyelid….

  5. Batmaaaan23

    Relax, I caught him blinking at 1:58 as he says the word "vita" lol.? Now you can look at him as a regular person again.

  6. ramslak

    It’s true he didn’t blink EVEN? ONCE during the whole vid!!! ….now I will probably notice it at EVERY force vid…it will never be the same :S

  7. crosshairs13

    no more shameless than having Pandaren race put into the game. I remember posts from back in vanilla saying that it would never be a race and things along that line. They’re just trying to squeeze out as much money as they can from? WoW before it goes free to play or w/e is happening to it.

  8. gringo533

    Shameless attempt to sell even more? merchandise. No thanks, I’ll skip the Blizzard board games.

  9. HarriHaffi

    WoW monopoly and starcraft risk…I am suprised? that there hasn’t been a starcraft risk until now…Wise they made starcraft monopoly thou…


  10. ultima0121

    Can’t wait? for the board games!!!

  11. TheBlizzardfan

    im getting? both board games

  12. Buddhaeatskfc

    SC Stratego would? be incredible

  13. AscTuber

    I love what? you do at the end of each show.

  14. Seiffer55


  15. localassman

    what a bunch of unappreciating sons of bitches

    always up to date, fair opinions, and 1080p…. dont know what more you? can ask for
    keep up all the good work force, legit!

  16. Huuruk

    I think that a pirate’s earring would suit good on Force. Thumb? up if you agree.

  17. MrNemitri

    warcraft moopoly? don’t you find it? funny people?

  18. MrUtubesux

    no youre right. $50 for risk or monopoly isn’t? a waste of money.

  19. HaxnslashROM

    I dont usually respond to your video’s, but i’m happy this is around i watch it daily and it’s definatly nice to be updated in some of the new games that are coming around. I’ve even bought some games because of your Demo Up! side of the youtube or just through your Let’s Plays, or recommended by you through general Daily Force Feed’s. So Thanks Dennis, i’m happy that i subscribed here just a short few month’s ago, There is so much of the gaming? industry i’ve discovered because of these videos:)

  20. WolfeStar566599

    risk star craft yes please?

  21. drago433

    >Says random crap that isnt true becouse he knows fanboys will support him.
    I have no second? point, point one is sad enough =)?

  22. naptownboiler13

    Oh man Ninja Turtle Labyrinth? would have rocked!

  23. naptownboiler13

    Force Feed has become a must watch now during the week. You’ve gotten a lot better? since you first started this series and you keep improving. Keep it up as I’m sure I’m like 1,000’s of others who enjoy this series.

  24. ingo505

    Thank you Force, I must tell you, when I first heard you are going to start a new show "Force feed", i? was kind of skeptical, but now, I truly enjoy watching those, endings always makes me grin 🙂

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