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Order Estrace over the counter, Last Thursday night just before I went to bed I checked my Facebook Profile and there was a message from Joel Comm mentioning that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital after having a cardiac arrest. Buy Estrace from canada, 10 Minutes before that I also read another post from Joel also mentioning that Farrah Fawcett died.

What a weird thing.., rx free Estrace. Where can i order Estrace without prescription, two icons from our generation on one single day.

The next Morning I woke up to the sad news that Michael Jackson passed away and the entire day, online buying Estrace hcl, Buy Estrace online no prescription, television, radio, canada, mexico, india, Order Estrace online overnight delivery no prescription, newspapers and obviously the Internet were remembering the 'undisputed King of Pop'. However I only saw a note or two about Farrah Fawcett, order Estrace over the counter.

This actually got me thinking.., where can i find Estrace online. Estrace for sale, Who hasn't seen this Picture before.

Farrah Fawcett Majors

I had this poster in my room when I was 10 years old, buy Estrace without a prescription. Buy generic Estrace, As I am sure a lot of other teens and pree-teens on the late 70's

Farrah was an Icon from the 1970's and 1980's. Order Estrace over the counter, Or Was she.

After she left Charlie's Angels and Divorced Lee Majors, real brand Estrace online, Fast shipping Estrace, I've hardly heard from her.

Sure, buying Estrace online over the counter, Where can i buy cheapest Estrace online, I know that she married Ryan O'neal and she posed nude thrice  for Playboy...

Farrah Fawcett



But besides that, Estrace trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy Estrace from mexico, it's very little what Iremember about her life or career.

In the other hand, Estrace from canadian pharmacy, Estrace samples, Michael Jackson was not only an Icon from the 7o's 80's and 90's but he was a BRAND.

I strongly believe that he was one of the  most recognized persons in the  world topped only by possibly Princess Diana and a couple of other people, order Estrace over the counter.

In fact it is quite possible that his 'Brand' was the greatest 'Brand' EVER, kjøpe Estrace på nett, köpa Estrace online. Purchase Estrace,

His Glasses, red jacket, Estrace price, coupon, Comprar en línea Estrace, comprar Estrace baratos, white glove, moon walk and weird excentricity made him one of the most recognized persons EVER, purchase Estrace online no prescription. Buy Estrace without prescription, Now, when we think of a brand we think of a product, Estrace over the counter, Online buy Estrace without a prescription, right.

Remember the days that possibly Coca Cola was the most recognized brand in the World, buy Estrace online cod. Order Estrace over the counter, Those days are FAR gone, these days Google, Starbucks, Apple and Skype top the charts. Where can i buy Estrace online,

Now, think in terms of a person as a brand.., japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Estrace online c.o.d, (Fill in the Blanks)

Eccentric, Adventurous Billionaire with long hair and a goatee beard _________________________

White glittery suits, purchase Estrace online, Online buying Estrace hcl, black greased hair and amazing dance moves _____________________________

Controversial African American Boxer who claimed: HE was "the greatest" ______________________

I've got no doubt you guessed that I was talking about Richard Branson, Elvis Presley and Muhhamad Ali!

My point is: Michael Jackson was a MUCH biger brand than Farrah Fawcett and that's the reason why the media did not pay as much attention to her death as they did to Michael's.

June the 25th 2009 will go into history as a very bizarre day, buy Estrace no prescription. Purchase Estrace, Two icons passed away in one single day. As far as I can remember this has never happened before. So, for me to see the huge difference in media covering each of the deaths attracted  was a learning experience, order Estrace over the counter.

What is what I learned.

Being Beautiful or doing a 'one time off'' outrageous stunt (posing for Playboy) will not create a long lasting impact. However being unique and using your talent and imagiation to it's full potential  WILL indeed create a long lasting impact in whatever you do, no matter how weird or controversial your world can seem to others.

No matter what you do make sure to work on your 'BRAND'. Make sure your uniqueness shines.

Michael & Farrah, thanks for having existed and for being part of my life in many ways. May you rest in peace.


Please let me know what you think and tell me about your own personal 'brand' on the comment box below.

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23 Responses

  1. Good Point Ernesto – the internet has given rise to a number of online brands where the visibility is tremendous. Again, what Farrah could have done is use the internet to make herself a ‘brand’ as such. what i mean here is that she could have started her own website and get more recognised using it.

    I guess Michael did it the old-fashioned way, but has such an impact on the audience that the internet following he received was an added advantage. this is unlike Obama who has used the internet to his advantage and in a country that has so many internet users to help win the election and now he will be a constant figure on the net.

    working to your full potential – i guess that is key.


  2. Naqueeb Alam

    You have really made me think about the learning you talked about. Sheer force in your description is marvelous. You have also educated about the twp personalities Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.
    about two ours ago The FM was airing and Interview of Shahrukh Khan the Indian Movie maestro popularly called king Khan. I find that all these people have really worked hard to come up in their chosen field snd that never came easy. To be great as one of them relentless persuit is required. ” while others are fast asleep, one has to toil in the night” to acheive such greatnes, such brand, such recognition.

  3. You are right the personal brand can be very powerfull but you need to keep in mind that you also lose something of your freedom. Going to the supermarket on Saturday morning and not beeing bothered about how to look is a gift as well ;-).

    So the next question will be who was the bigger entertainer Elvis or MJ?

  4. None of the individuals that left a lasting impact on human history can be described as
    characterized by a lot of conformism or orthodoxy; this applies to anyone of them from the Buddha to Moses, from Jesus Christ to Muhammad, from Socrates to Plato, from Lao Zi to Sun Zi, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Michelangelo, from Beethoven to Jimi Hendrix, from Bach to the Beatles, from Napoleon to Ataturk, from Galileo Galilei to Sigmund Freud, the list goes on and on…
    none of these guys were particularly concerned with sticking to an existing standard,
    or conforming to exisitng rules and regulations, but rather by following their very own way and they were willing to starve and die for it!

    Ironically after their death and after being agressively persecuted by conservative
    “defenders of the tradition” (i.e. the “old standard”), they end up becoming the
    “new standard”, that the masses are obliged to
    “conform” and “pay tribute” to, but regrettably often in ways that are quite distorted and far away from the orginal thoughts of the “master” who inspired and set the “new standard”.

    Thank God however new kids are born all the time and luckily some of them have the guts, the skills and the perseverance to go against the grain an mess up any “new standard” that
    meanwhile has become a somewhat “old standard”.

    Long live endless change: the only thing giving reason to live, the only thing giving hope,
    the only thing allowing improvement, progress, growth, evolution …

    I just love it!

  5. admin

    This applies for online and offline issues 🙂 Thanks for the comment

  6. admin

    Using the Internet it is actually possible to do it

  7. admin

    Indeed, Fane has it’s challenges too!

  8. admin

    Fantastic comment Tareq. Thanks

  9. Nice one Ernesto.

    Interesting points.

    I was thinking about a couple of things:

    Firstly,how much the MJ brand will outlive the acklash of revelations that money managed to silence over the last few years.

    Secondly is how different his brand would have been had he passed away 15 years ago at the height of his powers (only a few of us truly remember when everything he did influenced popular culture on the planet).

    The third thing is whether his upcoming tour could have cleaned all the bad press of the last decade or so from people’s minds. I have always been a fan but fought to keep my sadness at bay. Is it possible to do something that will make people forgive anything?

    If so, then that’s a powerful brand.

    The fourth thing is what would have happened to MJ had he gone on tour from an entertainment point of view. How would he be have been able to utilise the internet to revolutionise entertaining in the same way as Obama did with elections. In a world where the record industry is dying and You Tube, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter is launching new bands faster than planned campaigns can manage them, it takes an icon like MJ to dictate the next stage by choosing how to put out his new material.
    I don’t think anyone Eminem, Coldplay or even Madonna has that kind of global pulling power.

    The last point is simply how different MJ would be if he’d just started out from scratch now. When every move is scrutinised and planted on You Tube, there has to be a ruthlessness to every step made in your career as anyone anywhere can follow the good, the bad and the ugly parts of your life.

    The new rockstars are the likes of Frank Kern, Mike Filshame and Susan Boyle who don’t have to have great talent, just great systems they can use to get the fanbase.

    How would a talent like MJ compete with a world interested in every move?

    My thoughts?

    He could have started his own religion.

    Watch this space.

    Very soon, someone will.


  10. Sarah B

    That is so interesting that you picked up on Farrah’s death too. I found it today in Gulf News page 13 .. after a pull out memorial section on MJ.
    I wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel when i was a teenager – infact still do !

    So i feel encouraged that i am related to Princess Diana and i have a great idea bubbling away with the help and advise of a famous mentor and a brilliant guru ! Thanks

  11. admin

    Fabulous comments Dave, Indeed we’re indeed from the 1980’s generation so Michael Jackson was big for us. I really wonder indeed what would have happened if he would have done his concerts.

  12. admin

    You’re already an angel Sarah

  13. leonora

    Ive just read everyones comments and found each one very interesting.

    Never met Michael Jackson, but through his music he was a part of my life….hope hes finally found happiness..

  14. Marci Stedman

    Ernesto, excellent point and clearly stated.

  15. Beatriz Viloria

    Casualmente, el viernes conversaba con amigos y familiares sobre este tema, y es increíble como MJ sigue imponiéndose después de su muerte, superando a FF. Aqui en Venezuela no existe canal de tv, emisiora de radio, prensa o internet que no siga hablando del tema o colocando videos de MJ, creo que esto seguirá por un largo tiempo!
    Ahora bien, con nuestro trabajo creamos una Marca? considero que si, el punto está en crear y ofrecer productos diferenciadores y nosotros somos parte de eso! Nuestra personalidad es una Marca que nos vende como personas y como profesionales! Gracias Ernesto, por tu artículo, superó mis expectativas!

  16. Nice point Ernesto, but I think the fact that he died after might have something to do with the very limited coverage on our poor Farah may God bless her soul.

  17. walter

    Hi Ernesto … I do find your blog very interesting and thought provoking(insightfull). Being a brand and percieving oneself as a brand can help find a good base to earn money or position oneself in the world.(very good comments on the effort and diligence(driven-ness)!) On another level ,maybe buddhism or spirituality, we are here and don’t need to find a position. Sometimes this positioning also leads us to become monsters and money-grabbers. On a further note, I feel it is important to analyse the inner impact famous deceased people have had on the continuing generation which is further questioned by this also very good comment further up :

    Ironically after their death and after being agressively persecuted by conservative
    “defenders of the tradition” (i.e. the “old standard”), they end up becoming the
    “new standard”, that the masses are obliged to
    “conform” and “pay tribute” to, but regrettably often in ways that are quite distorted and far away from the orginal thoughts of the “master” who inspired and set the “new standard”.

    Standard changing to standard … and where is the humane standard … love and compassion !!!

    Discourses here on MJ’s life are biased and I look at the fact of the Jackson 5’s difficult and brutal childhoods, which unevitably have left their marks …. the inner workings and pain, resulting in such magnificience and expression of
    art as genius, is the inner work we all have to see and work on, within ourselves … it’s a very private, intimate exercise … and can only be shared in a non- financial-gain situation (my thoughts)

    I will try to incorporate your very good advice and insights to formulate and express myself for financial reasons … to get by !!!
    But the impact I wish for myself should go deeper than just having a good vibe by hearing a song or looking at Farah in the nude or indulging in a new standard.

    MJ did set many new standards … like the Thriller Video, which was a brand new, very elaborate way of conveying music …. hats off.
    I find no point in discussing his possibilities for the future when the underlying current of our own pain and hurt feelings, and the way we ourselves deal with pain and hurt sometimes leads to further hurt and hysterical consuming in this world.
    I am sad knowing Farah could not have an impact on her own son to the extent that he could be drug free and was not able to see her in her final hours.
    I really ask myself who we want to touch, with which ability and how…our fans…or our loved-ones ? Or all ??


  18. admin

    I hope so to Leonora 🙂

  19. admin

    Thanks Mars, Nice that you also read my blog 🙂

  20. admin

    Gracias Bea, que gusto que genero tus expectativas! No sabia que tenias expectativas 🙂 De todas maneras que linda 🙂

  21. admin

    Perhaps, but anyway I think the point still applies!

  22. admin

    What great comments Walter, thanks indeed for your contribution

  23. Jaidev

    Dear Ernesto,

    I grew up listening to MJ songs and unknowingly he was part of our family fabric and this applies to many of his fans too.
    He was one of the founding pillars of stability in the memories of many of the fans and when he suddenly goes people are in a state of shock and disbelief just like any normal person would when they lose a loved one.

    well dance and music will never be the same without michael jackson and as far as farrah fawcetts death she was just another pretty face.

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