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The Multiplier Effect: How a Network of Entrepreneurs Created a Tech Sector in Argentina

Over the last decade, entrepreneurs working together have created a thriving tech sector in Argentina, a country Inc. Magazine calls "One of the toughest business climates on earth." How did they do it? What does this mean for other countries or regions that want to create thriving entrepreneurial sectors?

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3 Responses

  1. PakovGT63

    that is the story in all of the countries in Latin America
    In Guatemala? is the same too but a more easily finnanced by non banking sectors like narcotraffic, organiced crime etc

  2. pochonauta

    no? hay mucho misterio, precarizacion laboral y bajos sueldos es el secreto del exito de la industria IT en argentina

  3. brilliantfranz

    Grrrreat video,

    I hope you also take the challenge, and come? to Venezuela.

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