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The Real Truth Behind The 80-20 Rule of Content Marketing

Engaging on the real truth behind the content marketing rules, so in this article this may enlighten you about the content marketing rule. Check it out!

The Real Truth Behind The 80-20 Content Marketing Rule

The truth is that there’s more to the 80-20 Content Marketing Rule debate than content creation versus content distribution. The reality is that marketers can no longer place the same piece of content across multiple media entities the way the Mad Men did with traditional advertising. To this end, content must be contextually relevant to the platform and device upon which it appears to break through today’s content explosion when prospective readers choose to consume it to ensure it attracts attention. This requires more than just promotion! The information must be adopted and modified to meet the needs of each media entity. As a result, each piece of content needs additional creation to adapt it to its specific medium and device to maximize readership and consumption when, where and how people seek your content. This means that the 80-20 Content Marketing Rule is closer to a 50-50 Content Marketing Rule. Biehn’s guest blog post on the {Grow} blog is a prime example of this. Schaefer tweaked the post’s title to garner more attention and broader reach. Whether you consider this content creation or content distribution, optimizing content to maximize reach is critical.

7 Ways to recreate your content marketing

Here are 7 ways to recreate your content marketing to improve distribution.
  1. Tailor your content for each platform. Remember one size content format doesn’t fit all any more! Re-image your information based on where it’s going to appear both in terms of platform and device.
  2. Improve content consumability. Avoid THDR (aka: Too Hard Didn’t Read). Make your content easy-to-digest so that potential readers don’t skip it. Think content snacks and outlining. Here’s how to dress your content for success.
  3. Modify content headlines to pull more readers in. Only one out of five readers will get beyond your title so take the time to improve your headline’s ability to lure readers in. Here are suggestions to improve your headlines and a list of 125 potential free titles you can use.
  4. Use images as people magnets. People are attracted to visuals. It’s how we’re programmed. Therefore include at least 1 photograph or image to attract more attention and viewership.
  5. Optimize your content for search. Focus each piece on one key search term. I love the Yoast WordPress plug-in. Here are 15 tips for search optimization.
  6. Include social sharing icons. Don’t expect readers to work to share your content. Make it easy for visitors to share your content, the way they want to with their family, friends and contacts.
  7. Tap into influencers. While this can be difficult for newbies to accomplish, develop a plan to influence the influencers in your niche to help attract broader visibility.

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