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The VC-Entrepreneur Lifecycle

I found a great video called The VC-Entrepreneur Lifecycle. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
As part of the 2011 Entrepreneurship Conference. A seasoned operator turned VC leads an interactive session with one entrepreneur who "crushed the pitch" to investors and one entrepreneur who was nimble in the evolution of his business. Chapters: 1. Introduction: The VC-Entrepreneur Lifecycle 2. Matthew Monahan: CEO of Inflection 3. Terry Austin, CEO Guardian Analytics 4. Searching for an Entrepreneurial Company 5. Evolving with the Times 6. Hiring Strategy 7. The Venture Process: Insight 8. Starting the Business 9. Three Years Without Raising Any Money 10. How Entrepreneurial Companies Succeed 11. Developing Relationships 12. Getting the Right Introductions 13. The Four Rules of Venture Capital 14. The Financial Model 15. Due Diligence 16. Transitioning the Business 17. "Launching a Product is Really Tough" 18. No Sleep Leads to a Successful Launch 19. The Number Two Family History Website 20. Starting a Security Company with a Twist 21. Fraud Prevention Changing with the Criminals Hope you enjoyed it. Ernesto

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  1. jostay

    I subscribed to? this channel for such interview =D

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