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This Week in Marketing – Dr. Fresh, Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, The Ladders, and Seattle’s Best Coffee

This week hosts Scott MacDonell and Dan Granger are joined in studio by Puneet "Dr. Fresh" Nanda, the King of Toothbrushes! They discuss how Dr. Fresh took long-standing brands like Binaca and revived them. He also gives an inside look how to break into the corporate marketplace with an independent company. In the "Does it Sell" segment, Scott and Dan look at ads for Seattles Best Coffee, The Ladders, and Kraft. For more information, show notes, and schedules visit


11 Responses

  1. obadiasrvdgyxe33h

    Apply instantly, I tell? you how to get a iphone4! UeM1z

  2. netwkr2000

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  3. legcaybegins

    Marketing seems like one of the hardest parts of a business. I think it is definitley important to stay consistent with the image you are trying to portray about your company. I think sometimes companies try to appeal to so many? demographics that it can be hard to dictate what there company stands for.

  4. superduperherman

    Concept? of the show is interesting, the host in blue is unbearably obnoxious.

  5. FARConsulting

    I’m just getting started? in marketing but im pretty sure that i would check to make sure that MY TWITTER on the screen and the one i say are the same! Specially if there is two of me and one makes over 100k a year in the marketing industry and the other of me has worked for at least 11 ad companies….I’m just saying 1595 views and the end results is?

  6. devo2321

    shape? up scotty

  7. DavidTuisaula

    Very interesting,? until the hosts start speaking…

  8. haproductions

    lol? @ "honey i can’t help myself"

  9. missgroov

    Can you please replace these 2? clowns.

  10. MrKensolo

    i like your guest? but dislike your humour itz too much

  11. daimyoyo

    I liked the Ted Williams ad, but it? reeks of misandry. Next week you should do a segment about the advantages and disadvantages of using misandry in marketing. See you then.

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