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– This Week in Marketing – SEO and Marketing strategies with SEOMOZ. This Week in Marketing #3

This Week Rand Fishkin CEO of SEOMOZ breaks down the future of SEO Marketing and how your company may crumble without it. Dan Granger and Scott MacDonell take your questions, and break down your favorite commercials in "Does it Sell?" Does Samsung,Starbucks and eHarmony have what it takes? Find out in this weeks episode of "ThisWeekin Markerting" For more information, show notes, and schedules visit


10 Responses

  1. ChrisPratama

    @tvcvkxn My bank account is exploding these days? ($800-$1200 a day). Finding the right niche is key… without that you’ve got nothing. The legend of niche markets is Troy Olson make sure you read his ebook. Take a look at this before he starts charging for it =>

  2. corkysintra

    Great video, very? exciting.

  3. danielmike11

    Fantastic videos.We need to arrive at an incredible number of clients each day and SEO promotion? is the best way to attempt. SEO Marketing not only pushes visitors to our website and improves our earnings, but what is essential, is to discuss to individuals that we have excellent solutions that they can use or resources that can help increase themselves and their lives

  4. aileenaya

    thanks for this good video about SEO marketing, I agree with? the importance of niche for the SEO marketing ……… keep update us………..

  5. TheDeepEndDesign

    Very helpful stuff… Wish? you guys would put your whiteboard friday vids up on here!

  6. netwkr2000

    Thank you for this presentation… Here”s a 5 ***** (Star) software that? is the BEST? of? all inclusive advertising system online.? Click on netwkr2000 Below…

  7. OysterSalad

    I’m subscribed to SEOmoz, but I’d love to see a video by an SEO explaining how they regularly use it. (e.g. "I start every day by looking at this tool. Then, second, I use this tool. Etc.") SEOmoz is obviously a super tool, but there’s just so much there, it’s tough to know where to start (and finish). You could spend an? entire day on each piece of SEOmoz every day.

  8. lushin460

    Por fin revelamos un nuevo y revolucionario método para obtener ingresos de la web 2.0 al aplicar unas estrategias sencillas subiendo videos en youtube…
    Lo más interesante de este método es que no se necesita tener un sitio web propio, listas de marketing, cartas de venta, dominio, hosting, tampoco ningún conocimiento o experiencia? en marketing con web 2.0 y sor supuesto no se necesita saber Inglés.

  9. WitherandFronst

    Good show. Question: relating to SEO, what do you think about a cms like wordpress. Also, I’m building a site using the platform and some of my content is delivered up to the browser via ajax calls. Is it possible that that content won’t be indexed by google??

  10. roodolph

    Marketing is? an art

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