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Tony Hsieh of Zappos advice on entrepreneurship

I found a great video called Tony Hsieh of Zappos advice on entrepreneurship. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
Tony Hsieh is about to release the "Delivering Happiness" book and gives us a preview and his advice on how to start a business and create a culture for your company so that it has a higher goal than just business Hope you liked it. Ernesto

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24 Responses

  1. CassandraAbbey

    That? Asian guy has a nice smile.

  2. NikolayIstratov


  3. startupbuildervideos

    Hello, this is Mark from Startup-Builder… Good content, but I found this rather dry… That being said… my videos are sometimes dry as well! It is hard to engage your audience and present your content in an exciting manner.? Keep it up… you inspired me to improve. Thanks,

  4. saucyhorseTV

    Interested to know why Tony? / Zappos is no longer using Twitter (@Zappos – last tweet was in August?

  5. 190819862011

    I wish the interviewer would stop? cutting him off and let him speak!

  6. AnnNoire

    I can’t wait to finish this? book!

  7. mzbiz22

    Loved it! Two thumbs up!?

  8. introesp

    The interviewer sounds like he just wants Tony to wrap up his answers as? fast as possible.

  9. 10530309

    Tony? is my role model

  10. pocheolo

    The interviewer is a non-pro, small-time, shrink head, broke, a stupid bum, who doesn’t have? a personal value for himself not paying attention on his guest. Perhaps he doesn’t understand English language because he is one of Hitler’s advocates, a Nazzi.

    Tony if I were you, don’t allow this freak gives you an interview again. Tony doesn’t deserve to have a non-pro with his kind of status and achievement in life. I’m from independent group out the of your country.

  11. mahktah

    Tony is an inspiration; he? is my business hero! This interview is great. It’s hard to focus on what Tony is saying when the interviewer keeps interrupting him. =)

  12. BMSfullcircle

    This guy interviewing is a Moron. Maybe spend sometime actually listening to? Tony Hseih and that would make you less of a douche bag

  13. thighcramp

    id? be pretty pissed if i spent 10yrs and didnt make much money

  14. Charlesperalo

    I loved his book.? It’s a quick read that gives you so many ideas.

  15. dragonboy718

    lots of? pressure,lol

  16. aliyal66

    Tony, you are an awesome role model a teacher, philosopher-I am working on my MBA and many of the concepts are soo dated, I learned more applicable concepts by reading your book, I was especially effected you describing your rave experience-awesome, I have witnessed this phenomenon or similar experiences,WOW the combinatiopn of physical synchrony? w/other humans and being part of something bigger than oneself, thus loosing momentarily a sense of self-from your book, WOW, thanks

  17. webmindset

    You? ran the poor guy into the ground! Great video and I appreciate all of these insights… and it costs nothing. This is phenomenal.
    You must live by the "givers gain" philosophy.

  18. rita2860

    It sounds like the book is more focus on delivering happiness to the company rather than personal? feelings….i haven’t read the book and just thinking about buying it

  19. Nomiconkt

    I’ve been to Tony’s house in Las Vegas, like 300 empty Grey? Goose vodka bottles in the kitchen lol

  20. sorjai

    great? interview! Just curious, what did you use to record this interview?

  21. loiclemeur

    thanks? Allen

  22. loiclemeur


  23. loiclemeur

    read his book too, he’s? great!

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