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Ernesto Verdugo

Tube toolbox – youtube commenter & friend adder bot, top marketing software ! - read more about Tube Toolbox. This tool automate your marketing tasks on youtube, get thousends of friends, write comments send messages on autopilot, get subscribers, scrape videos, users id and many more


19 Responses

  1. UsersSubscribe

    This? one works /watch?v=HKV0agkE-ws

  2. xXxYouToBotxXx

    go to youtobot? (DOT) com
    for free youtube bots!

  3. CurtisMateer

    No? wonder I get so many channels adding me to their contacts. I’m going to stop accepting any of them unless they leave me a comment personally. BS!

  4. vfizzzl

    Man fuck this we get views the old fashion way
    See? I just? got about 100,000 views.

  5. DCrodmaxFB

    ? ? ?? Best Youtube Bot available at
    ? ? ?

  6. Jac101100


  7. mikeboyletv2

    Sub? me

  8. Lewis Beattie

    That’s? weird because I get emails from tons of Youtubers, automated ones and they all recommend videos. :/ I seem to watch them so I see the potential.

  9. aymanballu1

    Hey, have you heard of this program called the Intellitus Cash System? (go search google). My buddy says it makes people plenty of cash.?

  10. Imslaveshady

    Fuck you? man, everyone hates surveys.

  11. Qubiscoquean

    WTF Guys i have found the best youtube bot? visit ????? THE BEST ONE I HAVE EVER TRIED IS HERE ^^^

  12. Janbaets

    i dont? belive this is fake

  13. TheAussieBakery

    I don’t know – but I don’t think it would be Tube Toolbox that is spamming, or causing you to be spammed. They are specific about this in their rules and terms of use, and there is no way that? they would gather user id’s just to spam them, as this would be counterproductive in a very narrow niche that they operate in – YouTube!!! I would definitely be looking at other areas where you may have made your user id available to other programs, software – hey, even those nasty porn sites you go to.

  14. TheAussieBakery

    No-one is spamming you ffs. It is simply a program that can send bulk friend requests for you while you sleep,? rather than you needing to do it yourself one at a time. It doesn’t keep your name, or spam you. It will send you ONE request, and you will never receive another. If you do not want to accept the friend request, you simply block the user or ignore the friend request, it’s very simple. Common sense really – if you googled the program, perhaps you might understand???

  15. Carlotso25

    Hmm, downloading now. Gonna check this? out.

  16. DasFricis

    the best thing is that? you add youtube hack in youtube xD

  17. FailXx3

    looks? kool 😀

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