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Understanding the Stock Market

The Stock Market Explained. This video explains in detail how the stock market works for beginners

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17 Responses

  1. sergiu9110

    earn double money ?

    earn double money

    earn double money

    earn double money?

  2. mrcuteblackie

    @darkmortality If every investor knows this, who is going to buy your stocks? when thier price rises?

  3. Laranzava

    good video, sucky opening theme?

  4. DayTradersWin

    Great video – subscribe and friend for power packed? videos…

  5. Licmycat

    Brokers are the same as ‘Bookies’??

  6. babibump



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  8. grunge65432


    Great WEBSITE that teaches you how to invest, helped me? a lot.

  9. vscreme

    check this out this investment? education website! it’s simple to understand… it’s called Investopresto… linked at xds??sp??u?no??u?pu??s??pun/uo????np??u???s??u?/?o??o?s??do?s??u????d??//:d???

  10. darkmortality

    No, if you take advantage of stock when it’s weak it is cheaper to? buy, then when the market regains strength the price of your stock goes up, so then you can sell it and end up making more than you spent.

  11. rx71000

    post some? more up

  12. Alucardthedeadone

    @giusepp8 it? depends why it is a bear market.

  13. EmXtraMoney

    Try? some crack cocaine… It’ll get you there!

  14. drmoogala

    What I? need is the map of 2410 today!

  15. 1fanstockmister

    right on man keep it up thanks?

  16. giusepp8

    ummm .. at 7:40 "when there is a bear market … stocks are on sale! … it’s time to buy"

    wasn’t it .. buy on strength and sell on? weakness.!!!??

  17. migueltapiajr

    nice? video thank you for the great information.

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