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Order Allegra over the counter, I'm writing this post  feeling very proud first of all  but also with the wish of sharing with you an important lesson...

Before I share this valuable wisdom with you, where can i buy Allegra online, Real brand Allegra online, let me ask you a question:

How old were you when you learned how to ride a bycicle without those stupid side wheels.

I do not know about you, canada, mexico, india, Allegra over the counter, but I was 7 years old.

(I actually checked on the Internet and the average age when a child learns to ride a bike is 8 years old)

I remember my dad running after me on a long dead end street in the Santa Anita Country Club in Guadalajara Mexico making sure I will get speed enough to mantain the balance, order Allegra online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i order Allegra without prescription, Now, try to remember how you learned to ride a bike...most likely it was on a very similar way as how I did it, buy no prescription Allegra online.

Now, forward 33 years.., order Allegra over the counter. Fast shipping Allegra, this time was my time to teach my child how to ride a bike.

I think this is a time we as children will always remember, buy Allegra from mexico, Buy generic Allegra, but it is also one of those moments you surely look forward as a parent.

Last weekend we bought my son Vincent his first bike with pedals and literally within 5 seconds of sitting on it, order Allegra from United States pharmacy, Purchase Allegra online, he was riding away as if he was an 8 year old kid. (He's only 3), order Allegra no prescription. Order Allegra over the counter, Neither me or my wife had to run behind him to make sure he could ride nor he was wearing a protective helmet in fear that he will fall and break his head. Purchase Allegra online no prescription, Vincent Verdugo in his Bike 2

Vincent Verdugo on His Bike 3

Sure I feel very proud!  But that is not the point...

As you probably know we live in Holland and my son Vincent is 1/2 Dutch, buy cheap Allegra. Buying Allegra online over the counter, The Netherlands is such a flat country, it is perfect for bike riding, buy Allegra online cod, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, thus Dutch people ride their bikes very regularly. Bikes here are  used more for transportation than leisure and of course learning how to ride a bike is a big priority for people in this country, ordering Allegra online.

The prime minister goes to work on his bike, high executives in  big companies ride a bike to work, order Allegra over the counter. Allegra for sale, Most kids ride a bike to school,  it is not strange even to see a member of the Royal Family on his or her bike, online buying Allegra hcl. Order Allegra from mexican pharmacy, The average age at what kids learn how to bike in Holland is 5 years old (compared to 8 years old on the rest of the world).

Now, buy cheap Allegra no rx, Allegra from canadian pharmacy, the question is:  How is it possible that kids learn to ride a bike in Holland being as little as 2 years old .

Well, buy Allegra online no prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Allegra online, they do something VERY VERY VERY different than what they do in the rest of the world... Order Allegra over the counter, They do not add those stupid side wheels to their kid's bikes.

Please have a look at this picture of my son Vincent at age 2 riding his first bike:

Vincent Verdugo on his Bike

As you can see, buy Allegra no prescription, Purchase Allegra, the bike has no side wheels BUT it also has no pedals!!.

Little kids learn to gain balance very easily using these bikes, comprar en línea Allegra, comprar Allegra baratos, Buy Allegra without a prescription, so when they start with a bike with pedals it is almost 'second nature' for them  to do it. That's why they have absolutely no problems learning how to ride a bike without those idiotic side wheels, Allegra price, coupon. Rx free Allegra, Now you might say: I've never seen those bikes anywhere.

Well, I've been telling everyone about them because they are amazing, order Allegra over the counter. They are called puky bikes and they are available all over the world, kjøpe Allegra på nett, köpa Allegra online. Order Allegra online c.o.d, The hardest part of learning how to ride a bike is the balance not the pedaling, having the side wheels you do not learn how to gain balance correct, online buy Allegra without a prescription.

Now, the fact that kids bikes are still manufactured with side wheels and that they still sell all over the world is a clear sign of a tradition and an unquestioned conviction that is making parents train their kids in a very obsolete and idiotic way.

My point is: How many of this unquestioned convictions and stupid traditions are you still a victim of. Order Allegra over the counter, Everywhere I look, I see people doing things in ways that do not make sense at this point in time without realizing that things can be done more effectively and on an easier way if simply done differently.

So, my tip for you on this post is as follows:  Ask yourself regularly... How can this be done more effectively.

You'll be surprised how often you find amazing answers to that question right in front of your nose.

Enjoy today's food for thought


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40 Responses

  1. hani

    very true Ernesto,,,,very true indeed!

  2. Thanks. Nice to have such information.
    Well! I will keep in mind about pucky Bikes for my grand child.

  3. Hi Ernesto,
    I want to translate of this post to Persian and put it on my blog. Do I have rights to do it?

  4. admin

    Happy you agree 🙂

  5. Daliborka

    Bravo, it is great story and it is very very true.
    Thank You for sharing this with me.

  6. admin

    Nice you enjoyed!

  7. admin

    of course it is sindicated 🙂

  8. admin

    My Pleasure, Hope it was helpful

  9. shebinroy


    i amlost in the memories….

  10. Allan

    Hello Ernesto,

    I learned to ride a bike when I was 10 yr old! I learned it by myself painfully. My father cannot teach me how to ride, because he himself do not know how to ride a bike! Maybe that is the tradition that he would like to stop and involve me into something different. Right now, I feel proud my kids learn to ride a bike at a young age, with me as the teacher.



  11. Hi Ernesto,

    I fully agree with you on this. I have learnt without without side wheels.

    Interesting food for thought!



  12. Also, a powerful illustration of how important it is to network and engage in mentoring/coaching. Getting a perspective from someone outside of your immediate environment can contribute to great leaps in success, it expands awareness! Thanks Ernesto, I always enjoy your posts.

  13. MJ


    As a parent of two sons (now 21 and 23) this is so fascinating! I can still remember the proud thrill we felt when they were able to ride their bikes. Hopefully I’ll make the most of your analogy and come up with some more effective strategies on things in my life.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. krishna

    The message is forthright and I shall strive how best to put it to practice regularly for better effect.


  15. I loved your post… I’m a strong believer in doing things differently and effectively. Always making way for newer ways to enhance or do away with routine and ideas that are not working anymore or simply unnecessary.
    I think it makes one more adaptable to changes around you, besides pushing out the old, makes way for the new:)
    Thank you for sharing.

  16. Albert

    Wow, what timing as I was going to help my daughter with her new bike this weekend. Great observation on everyday things we do without questioning “Is there a better way?” Thanks.

  17. Srinivas Varanasi

    Very true Ernesto. Thinking “traditionally ” is not always correct.



  18. Narendra Saini

    Very True.I m soon going to be a dad and I think I will definitely do it differently for my child be it riding a bike or getting him to school or pursuing a career .We should really do it more effectively these days in all walks of life.

  19. The pictures of your son are darling! This story made my day. I wasn’t familiar with that philosophy of bike training, but the same works with swimming. You can much more easily teach a 6 month old to swim than an older child – they haven’t been programmed to be afraid. Since I teach people not to do what has always been done “just because” in real estate, so I will direct my readers to this blog post!

  20. Bharat

    Hi Ernesto,

    This is a very fascinating fact that people do things because they have always seen them being done in that particular way without finding a better way to do it.

    We have to think out of the box and teach others to do so as well.

    Thanks for the biking lesson!


  21. admin

    Indeed Anna, thanks for comments

  22. admin

    Happy it was inspiring

  23. admin

    Thanks Deane, Thanks for sharing this story, It is indeedfor anyone outside the Netherlands (including myself) an eye opening from an obsolete paradigm

  24. Thanks for sharing this interesting piece of information. I remember in our educational programs, we keep hearing:
    If you keep doing things the way you have always done, you will keep getting the results you have always got.

    Meaning, we should be prepared for change, we need to keep an open and inquisitive mind and we will see what we have not see before.

  25. Sarah B

    Hi There

    This goes back to suspend your disbelieves!
    Our Ozzie pups were mountain biking when they were 3 years and we never did stabilizers .. however i feel i need a simmer frame sometimes when i am trying to get forward with my IM…. later. Sarah

  26. Omar

    That is Innovation,Empowerment and Ingenuity.

  27. Omar

    Omar: That is Innovation,Empowerment and Ingenuity.

    its not about going from A to B,but getting there safely.

  28. Hi Ernesto:

    Being a grandmother now and having gone through the same procedure with my daughters that your described for yourself, I will pass this on, so this “new technique” is used on my grandaughters.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ana Luis

  29. Jack MRozzista

    Hi.. Iam agree with u, sometime we look a problem with its complexity. but as you said if we can make it simply and do it with a different way. I think we faced the problem just easiers.. Good Luck, Bro

  30. MTF

    very true.. well i learned how to ride a bike when i guess i was 6 or 7 and no I did not have the posh bike with side wheels as we can’t afford it 😀 (brings back memories) instead its a medium size bike and rented 😀
    I’ll keep in mind the puky bike for my kids (once i have one) 😀 cheers and thanks for sharing 😀 keep it comming

  31. Hossam

    Good story Ernesto & you really hit a point with it. Congratulations for your son & always share with us this kind food for the thought.

  32. Huda nahas

    Lovely to see your son and he is lucky to have such a father. You are full of wisdom Ernesto laand I always cherish your words especially when you were inspiring us in Damascus.

    All the best


    Dear EV,

    In my younger days there were no child bykes handy in our village. So I was simply watching others riding the bikes. When I was in primary school in

    Guntakal it was thrill for me to join my eldest brother by sitting on the cross bar. I was watching how the front tyre rotates with its design spinning in speed in the down gradient. One time my fingers went into the brake lever which my brother could not see. But I managed to know that I should be careful in placing my fingers for not getting hurt.

    Later on at the high school level close to my school there was a bicycle renter shop. I was gazing at them if I can ride the bigger byke at the very first time. I kep on watching them for couple of years and was looking smaller hight bykes to come so that when I cannot balance I can keep down my leg easily on to the ground to protect from the fall and injury from the cycle frame and attachments.

    One fine morning I found a cycle of lower wheel size and was imagining to ride it some how and learn the byking easily. ……….. to be continued….

    I have to go out on urgent home work. I shall continue in my next email.

    Thanks for your time.

    Veeranna Setty

    copy your reply to my other email address

  34. Ernesto M. Verdugo

    Cogratulations for you and Vincent!!!!!!!!!
    As your father and Vincent’s grandfather I am also
    very proud.
    It is a real milestone!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ernesto:
    What a very interesting post. It does seem very logical. I’ll recommend the puky bike to my family for sure.
    I learned to ride a bike when I was perhaps 8 or 10. There were no small bikes available, let alone ones with training wheels. I had to ride the bike by inserting myself under the bar and riding sort of “side saddle” if you can envision that. I was most pleased when I got big enough to mount the bike properly and reach the pedals from a more upright position.

  36. Muhammad Zafar Habib

    Well, I fully agree with you. I learned riding motorbike at age of 10 because my father supported me had confidence in me.

  37. Thomas George

    Ernesto always hits the nail on the head and is a person with so much energy.I will never forget him inspiring us to fire walk in Colombo on a KLM training programme which was the two most inspring days in my life without doubt. By the way,I never had side wheel bikes and learned riding by leaning on to the seat sideways.
    Rgds Tom

  38. Paul

    Hi Ernesto,

    I am asking that question about my entire life right now……..!



  39. Hi Ernesto,

    Vincent is very lucky to be taught by you early in life about stuff that we adults learn after we turn 30. My kids have a jump start and constantly reinvent the wheel – whether it is homework or life in general. For them its a way of life and I am grateful to all the wonderful people/authors out there who touched my life and shared their knowledge with me.

    On another perspective, people could learn to go through life without the side pedals (baggage they carry through life)- if they remove the baggage they carry constantly, they could move through life in a simpler, smoother and more effective way.

    Your son is totally adorable !!

    Take care


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