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Video Revolution – Youtube Statistics ( Are you ready for the Video Revolution?! Updated for 2011, this video reveals some shocking & impressive Youtube Statistics about what people are doing online in regards to video! Are you aSmall Business Owner using Video in YOUR Marketing yet? The Video Revolution will show you some compelling reasons why you NEED to be paying very close attention to video in order to drive traffic, build your brand, and increase leads & sales! Youtube Statistics: 0:41 Youtube is the 3rd Most Visited Website in the World 0:44 Youtube is the Second Largest Search Engine 0:48 Youtube is the Worlds Largest Video Sharing Platform 0:54 Youtube Gets over 3 Billion Views Every Single Day 0:58 Youtube Mobile Gets Over 100 Million Views Per Day 1:04 35 Hours of Footage is Uploaded to Youtube Each & Every Minute 1:13 13 Million Hours of Footage were uploaded to Youtube in 2010 1:20 70% of Youtube Traffic Comes from Outside the US 1:26 Youtube is Localized in 26 Different Countries across 43 Languages 1:33 More video is uploaded to Youtube every 60 Days than the 3 Major US TV Networks have produced in 60 years! The QUESTION is not, "should you be using video in your marketing?!" Its "WHY ARENT YOU?!" Welcome to the Video Revolution! For more information, visit:


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  1. hardmoneysolutions

    this is the best course i’ve ever taken. i have achieved number 1 in my keywords in less than a day and sometimes in less than an hour following James’s formula. it is foolproof and the course is so dam cheap i? can’t even believe it. with maria andros and andy jenkins selling theirs for two grand and jame’s course complete for less than $100 it’s killer. check out my keyword Oil Trading Courses and you will see my video at the top followed by 3 more of my vids. thanks james, you rock big

  2. jakieboy2011

    A picture IS worth a 1000 words or in this case 3,000,000,000 videos per day. When Carl Sagen coined the phase "billions and billions…" the word billion became a part of our culture and expended our universe. First it was Radio, then Television, then 8 Tracks, VHS, CDs and DVDs… Email, Texting and now Social Media. "All? of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year." Carl Sagan… need I say more?

  3. dsblide

    Powerful? information

  4. lilDoucheyHD

    in the beginning clip that dude said that you could record anything in color, but why was the ad recorded in black? and white

  5. wickedonlinemedia

    Killer stats? to go with a simply outstanding Video Traffic Academy

  6. AboutMeFamous


  7. ninavucetic

    Thumbs up for this video revolutio. I am a fellow member of? VTA. I have just subscribed to your channel – would love to have you subscribe to mine and help support each other.

  8. LUISGAL006

    I? gotta wonder who that young lady is? is she a movie star?

  9. dreyjrog


  10. MarkSJoness

    I really want too make a video revolution.. just like this video? very nicee..

  11. NataliaAchew

    Very cool for video? revolution!

  12. CateringVideos

    I stumbled upon? this video… I really like talking about video revolution this is great.. Thank you for some one who shared this kind of vid!

    great day

  13. Danielhemenway

    Just purchased your course, I am ready to be? part of the revolution!!!! 70% of all traffic comes from outside the United States???? Wow!!!

  14. ReginaldMRatliff

    video? revolution 2011 the best!

  15. PatriciaJRichard

    Today I had? search for the keyword Video Revolution, and i got an result by clicking the link for the number one results I came this video.. So much exciting when i watched this… Got some ideas and tips! thanks

  16. ChristenElizabethh

    great? video for revolution! ::))

  17. UIsDRy6F

    Wow this is so awesome.. you really did a good job! this is the very good video? revolution I’ve ever seen! thank you thank you!

  18. randyreekmkt

    Love? it!
    See a hidden secret to capitalizing on viral video traffic…

  19. votivehalo

    Mind blowing!? Cant wait to get started 😀

  20. ChristenElizabethh

    video revolution ::)) my favorite song and music ever!!!?

  21. UIsDRy6F

    Nice video…? and awesome revolution!

  22. Foreverwiltbe

    nice video! Let’s see what? will be the youtube’s statistics after a year…

  23. jamessstewartte

    This is so much? fun… great video revolution 2011!

  24. adolphsbell

    Imagine how great youtube is! Look at what will be the youtube’s statistics in 20? years..

  25. 4Links2

    awesome I was hoping to use Videos to help my marketing but I wasn’t sure how to get started?

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