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Buy Soma online no prescription, HELP. I need help deciding what logo to use for our new venture, Soma over the counter. Buy Soma without prescription, This company will be the Internet Consulting branch of our Dubai business. I will love if you let me know what logo you like for it, Soma for sale. Buy Soma online cod, I've loked to over 30 designs from 99 designs and these are my favorite but I cannot decide still :-(

Design 1

Design 2


Design 3

Design 4


Design 5


Design 6

Please let me know your choice on the comment box below

Thanks a million

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27 Responses

  1. balan

    design 4 is the best on my view, its like a nuclear reactor ( so powerfull )

  2. V.Ramamurthy

    Design No. 1 is my choice.

  3. Barry

    Hi Ernesto

    To give you first impression feedback, I am immediately drawn to Designs 2 and 5, I like the logo in 2 and it works in both black and blue, not sure why, but I think the black does look marginally better. I am not sure about the slogan though on that.

    On design 5, I can see the one with black background as a good website header. I would even suggest, mixing the logo from Design 3 onto Design 5, get rid of the WR and then keep the slogan. Revitalising Unprofitable Websites, whilst not a catchy tag line, says exactly what the consultancy will do, so doesn’t require customers/prospects to think too much when they hit the page. People searching will immediately know what we do.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  4. Amir Anzur

    Tough call! I would go for Design 3. The “reactivators” is sort of symbolized by the design which is the heart beat.

    You also want to pay attention to the color you end up choosing so that you can carry it throughout your branding life…

    Other notes:

    Design 6 – the slogan “unprofitable” has negative connotations and perhaps you want to keep things more on the positive (i.e. profit instead of unprofitable). Most people just don’t spend much on the website so it doesn’t cost them loads but just doesn’t generate them cash….

    The branding elements of a new venture are always fun – so enjoy the journey!


  5. Amir Anzur

    Sorry – just realised it wasn’t a heartbeat type “heart monitor” thing but is meant to be a “W” – but anyway to me it looked like those heartbeat monitor things so its good that it does both…

  6. Julie Meer

    Number 3 – maybe in the green tones of number one?

  7. Amit

    Design 1 looks the most professional and catchy

  8. Anonymous

    Hello Ernesto,

    I believe people who are discerning and looking for the type of service that you will be offering would gravitate to Design No. 1. The reason is it is clean, clear and full of implied meaning within the graphics.

    The is implication of a Globe without the flogged to death repetitiveness of the world, the circles that form the Globe imply a holding together and continuity.

    The name is not one that would grab anyone who is seeking results, who is looking for Reactivation?, it sounds a bit like resurrecting the dead. You need a name that will call for action from the person viewing this site a name that is keyword rich and feature in searches. You need to be an Accelerator not a re-activator.

    To get you into the fast lane you need to Google Web Reactivator check the results and then check the difference when Googling Web SEO, check the Google ads.

    Sorry Ernesto I know you asked us about the Logo, but I had to add these comments as the Logo itself will get you nowhere if you make your potential customers think about what is on offer.

  9. Ram Ganglani

    My first choice would be design # 3 with 8 points out of 10 ( logo looks really great)
    and then design# 1 7 points out of 10 ( color scheme is appealing0

  10. Angus Fraser

    Copy from Facebook comment:

    “If I had to chose, then 3 – but struggling. The rest look like the ones created on the free software sites for logos! An impossible task for you if these are the best 7 from 30 submitted.”

    Having looked further, although simple, 6 would also come into my shortlist, as variations seem to work well.

    My problem could be more to do with the context of the logo (& name) in relation to the Internet Marketing Consultancy business, which still seems to be the cart before the horse as far as needing to understand the business concept before creating a logo or brand image.

  11. Annette Waddington

    Tough decision! But as an advocate of the KISS (keep it short and simple!) principle, I’d go with Design 7. Look forward to seeing the final choice!

  12. Daniel George

    Design 5 is my first preference and Design 3 is the second one.

  13. Tricia Evans

    I liked no 1, no 6 & no 5 in that order. Didn’t like the others as they were too ‘flat’…I liked 1, 6 & 5 because of the sense of movement & energy they had…that worked with the name. Tricia

  14. grace

    i like 4 or 6

  15. Christian

    Design 2 is my choice.
    Black is an evergreen colour, always professional and trendy.
    Also very nice the translucent style.
    A slogan could be: “Unleash your web 2.0 potential”
    In my opinion, the name “Web Reactivators” sounds mechanical.
    If it’s not too late, what about “Web 2.0 Connectors”?

  16. Christian

    Changing something…
    instead of Web 2.0, Web 3.0!

  17. Nadia Ivanova Briggs

    6 is my favourite. I also like 5 and 1.

  18. Rajesh

    5 and 3 look better to me

  19. rita hanscombe

    Hi Ernesto,
    I like design 3. Its different and interesting and the blue is more eye catching than the black.
    good luck with your latest project. One day soon I will be there too!

  20. Ramez Helou

    Number 2 or 3 are the most catchy for me

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Ernesto,
    I like design 1 best. Chris Markert

  22. Sue Reader

    i like design Number 2

  23. Jayashree

    I like Design 4 the BEST!
    Firstly, logo is nice (short & simple). Looks Classy with the black background.
    Second, the statement – “Reactivating Unprofitable Businesses”, says what the Business is about.

    Good Luck!



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  25. Amr Selim

    I like number 3 the most.

  26. Ali Beshara

    Hi 🙂

    I vote for Number 1

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